Man gets stuck in Displaysense female display bust

From: Displaysense
Published: Wed Jan 16 2008

A 31 year old man from Doncaster received more than he bargained for, as he got a part of himself stuck inside a female display bust he had ordered online from Displaysense and mistaking it for an adult version.

Displaysense, the one stop shop for retail display products and mannequins recently received a complaint about one of their new bust displays after it was used in an unusual fashion that has stunned and embarrassed the entire sales team. A 31 year old man from Doncaster who can not be named for legal reasons has complained to Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of mannequins and display busts, after getting a part of himself trapped in a 24mm hole which is designed for a bust stand.

The man in question had purchased the display bust by accident after mistaking it for an adult toy. Due to the durability of the display bust, he became concerned that the fire brigade would need to be called to liberate him. But thankfully, a pair of heavy duty scissors were able to cut apart the female bust to release him and relieve his delicate area. After freeing himself, he made a call to Displaysense to complain about the user friendliness of the female bust and that this was not what he had ordered.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager of Displaysense was stunned by this incident and said, "These busts are for display purposes only and no-where on the website or in the products packaging does it state that they should be used for adult means". During the phone call the gentleman in question demanded a refund on the now dismantled female bust at which point the refund request was politely refused.

This is not the first time an incident like this has occurred (though it’s a first for Displaysense). In 2005, Michael Plentyhorse an 18 year old from the US was caught after performing an indecent act with an arts centre mannequin. Steve Whittle also commented by saying, "We’ve just added these busts to our range and we normally expect some initial teething problems but not in our 30 years of business have we experienced such an incident. I just hope we don’t have to go to the extent of placing a warning sticker onto the bust to deter people from considering such inappropriate acts in the future".

A warning sticker on each bust just might not be enough to prevent such ludicrous situations from happening again but Displaysense are considering possibly placing a warning on the new display bust section of their website.

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Displaysense was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality point of sale displays. They have a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing and have been able to develop their ever growing standard range of over 1500 displays. The range is now hugely diverse including display boxes, display cabinets, sale signs, display stands, glass shelving units and all new bust displays.

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