YDKMY.com -- Now Offers FREE CLASSIFEDS to Artists

Published: Thu Nov 17 2005

COLUMBUS, OH – The Internet’s latest and greatest site for artist of all kinds has opened a new classifieds section for artist to buy, sell, trade or even find a new band member. Sell that old guitar, keyboard, easel, or even an old smock you don’t need anymore.


Artists, Models, Poets, Singers, Actors, Comedians, Authors, Clowns, Magicians, Craftsmen and more now have a place to show and now SELL their wares and talents. www.ydkmy.com and www.YouDontKnowMeYET.com is a place that will let the common Karaoke singer, local artist, rapper, craftsman and others to join for only $29.95 a YEAR and give them 5 megs of web space to put audio, video, photos or text of their work online for the world to see and search.

Chuck Lamb, spokesperson of YDKMY says "We hope to bring buyers and sellers together not just for merchandise, but for talent also. Maybe a band needs a singer. Perhaps an artist needs a model. There’s no limit to how we can bring all of these elements together. Plus with no listing or commission fees, it’s a common sense alternative to that huge auction place we all know about."

Imagine needing a clown for your child’s birthday party and being able to put clown and your home town in the search and find exactly what you need. Nightclub owners can see and hear local bands before contacting them for an audition.

Local artist or craftsmen can show and sell their work around the world with NO LISTING FEES or COMMISSIONS like that large online auction place. The member will create a bio for everyone to see and will be able to edit or add to it by a sign in process. A FREE bulletin board is also in place for classifieds and general chat about the entertainment industry.

Most sites charge monthly rates that is more than people want to pay. At $29.95 for an entire YEAR. www.ydkmy.com looks to be the hottest thing going at this time.

Based in Columbus, Ohio www.ydkmy.com is staffed 24-7 answering all questions or problems members may have.

Talent agencies, publishers, music producers and more will have a chance to click and listen or view potential clients saving many hours of time and effort.


Chuck Lamb, 614/439-5262
Email: staff@ydkmy.com
Company: YDKMY
Contact Name: Chuck Lamb
Contact Email: staff@ydkmy.com
Contact Phone: 614-439-5262

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