Quantify launches web-based 360 degree Feedback systems

From: Quantify! Ltd
Published: Thu Jan 17 2008

These systems are:
• Senior Manager: Designed for a manager who manages a team of people who, themselves, manage teams of people.
• Front Line Manager: Designed for a manager who manages a team of people who don't manage others.

Each system allows users to specify the schedule of dates for the various project stages, along with the participants’ names and email addresses. It then handles the administration and reporting, with no further intervention from the participants or any project coordinator.

Quantify’s Principal Consultant, David Lusty, commented: "Quantify usually handles 360 degree feedback as a bespoke project for each client and makes the feedback reflect the client's competences framework for the roles involved.

"However, many of our clients have asked for generic 360 degree Feedback that they can start today without the delay, effort and expense of setting up a bespoke system. We’ve responded with two low-cost, off-the-shelf, 360 degree Feedback systems.

"And, as well as doing the processing and reporting for these new systems, Quantify offers Consultant Facilitated Feedback – face-to-face or via telephone - to help participants get the most out of the feedback," Lusty added.

First used by the US army in the 1940s, ‘360-degree feedback’ is employee development feedback that comes from all around the employee. The feedback comes from subordinates, peers, and managers in the organisational hierarchy, as well as self-assessment and, in some cases, external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.

It can be contrasted with upward feedback, where managers are given feedback by their staff, or a traditional performance appraisal, where the employees are reviewed only by their manager.

The results from 360-degree feedback are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan their training and development. The results are also used by some organisations for making promotional or pay decisions, which is sometimes called ‘360 degree review’.

Lusty explained: "While the value of 360 degree Feedback is often seen in terms of individual development, aggregate reporting of all recipients' results can provide valuable data for the organisation as a whole. It enables leaders to:
• Take advantage of under-used personnel strengths to increase productivity,
• Avoid the trap of counting on skills that may be weak in the organisation,
• Apply human assets data to the valuation of the organisation,
• Make succession planning more accurate,
• Design more efficient coaching and training initiatives and
• Support the organisation in marketing the skills of its members."

Quantify’s client list includes public sector organisations, including local authorities, as well as those in the private sector.

Full details of Quantify’s web-based 360 degree Feedback systems are available at http://www.quantify.co.uk/surveys/360OTS.php


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About Quantify! Ltd

Operating an organisation successfully requires accurate, current and comprehensive management information on all the things that influence the success of the organisation – including how it feels to do business with it or be employed in it.

Quantify discovers this information through employee and customer satisfaction research, web-based or on paper, either in a standard or custom built format. Its services include:

• Employee satisfaction surveys
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• 360° Feedback
• Internal customer satisfaction surveys
• Course assessments
• Leaver survey
Quantify projects are designed and reported to provide clients with useful, accessible management information which can drive improvement, rather than just being ‘nice to know’.
Quantify’s founder and principal consultant, David Lusty MCIPD MMS(Dip) MIMC CMC, worked in local authorities for 11 years, in management services and latterly in personnel management. He joined Avis Rent a Car Ltd in 1978, and stayed 12 years, 10 as head of the UK personnel department. He was Director of Personnel and Management Services when he left Avis in 1990 and founded Quantify.

Governed by the codes of professional conduct of the Institute of Management Consultancy and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Quantify operates to the highest ethical and professional standards.

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