Callgen first to bring VoIP-response online advertising to the UK

From: Callgen
Published: Thu Nov 17 2005

Callgen launches the first VoIP-based, Cost-per-Call advertising application in Europe. Compatible across several VoIP providers, Callgen’s Duet Cost-Per-Call advertising service will now include VoIP capabilities. The service enables online advertisers to establish an instant relationship with customers through the click of a link.

"Our new VoIP Duet service enables millions of customers to directly contact advertisers at the click of a banner ad or link," explains James Barrington-Brown, Managing Director at Callgen.

"We are not just offering advertisers a whole new way of interacting with the customer, but are opening new advertising markets for publishers and allowing more businesses to benefit from online advertising".

Fully compatible with Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and other prevalent VoIP service providers, Callgen’s VoIP application is a pioneer in the Cost-Per-Call advertising market. The service enables search engines, portals, publishers, agencies and ad networks to offer advertisers a fast and direct response mechanism as an alternative to pay per click advertising.

A customer clicks a link or a banner ad and within seconds a call is made to the advertiser. The caller listens through their speakers and responds through the microphone on their PC. Advertisers can establish an immediate rapport with callers and the more personal nature of a telephone conversation means that leads generated have a higher level of interest, are more committed and consequently are more easily converted into sales.

Barrington- Brown comments: "The VoIP market has enormous potential, as indicated by its accelerating growth and the recent $2.6 billion acquisition of Skype by Ebay. Adding VoIP to online advertising allows advertisers to take advantage of this new and growing communications technology. Moreover, by providing a VoIP contact mechanism in banners, customers can more easily and conveniently speak with vendors".

Advertisers bid and pay the same Cost-Per-Call connection fees, but Callgen expects that cost-savings will be available soon for VoIP-enabled businesses. Publishers and advertising agencies will continue to benefit from the VoIP based service through revenue sharing.

Trials have already demonstrated exceptional voice quality and the Callgen platform is supported by Skycom and an award-winning ISP, Skymarket.

Editor’s notes

Technical details for the Callgen VoIP Cost-Per-Call service
The Callgen VoIP service is available on Windows XP, 2000 and 98. Callgen is currently developing an application for Linux and Mac users.

All internet users can use the service provided their computer has the requisite standard microphone and speakers.

About Callgen
Callgen Ltd is a privately held UK-based company. Callgen represents the convergence of telephony and the internet, developing a pioneering performance-based advertising model to online and offline advertisers.

Callgen is pioneering the development of quality leads through Cost-per-Call advertising using free phone numbers and VoIP. Callgen is affiliated to Skycom, an Ofcom licensed telco and a marketing research company.


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