Secrets, Lies, and Politics Collides in Monica Frazier Anderson’s New Novel, When a Sistah’s Fed Up

Published: Fri Nov 18 2005

From the author who demystifies Black slang in "Black English Vernacular" and presents the growing pains of family life in the humorous and heartwarming, "Mom, Are We There Yet?" comes a provocative and suspenseful new novel. When a Sistah’s Fed Up (AuthorHouse; August 2005; ISBN 142084895X; $16.00 paperback) by Monica Frazier Anderson is an insightful cautionary tale about a prominent politician’s struggle to save her career, salvage her marriage, and keep her sanity through it all.

It seems that Faith Henry has the ‘perfect’ life. She’s the first African American mayor of a small Texas town that is recognized as one of the ‘ten best places to live’ in the nation. She shares a half-million dollar home with her husband, and her two children are as near perfect as kids can be. Everyone who sees and knows her will say without a doubt that Faith Henry is living the good life. But we all know that "everything that glitters ain't gold." And though Faith may be living life like its golden, she is more stressed and depressed than she has ever been in her life.

Adding to Faith’s strained emotional state is the fact that someone tries to assassinate her while she is out campaigning for re-election. Before she allows her body to fully heal from this near death experience, she returns to a City Hall that once respected her, to one that’s indifferent and shrouded in secrecy. Just when it seems that her political career is getting back on track, a dark secret from her past is revealed during a public debate with the candidates. The exposure of her secret is devastating and her popularity drops quickly in the polls. And instead of seeking comfort in the loving arms of her husband, she finds comfort in the open and waiting arms of her administrative assistant, Raymond Hart.

Faith’s life is definitely spiraling out of control and she begins to question everything and everyone in it – Do her political rivals hate her so much that they want her dead? Who’s trying to destroy her reputation and her family’s good name? Is a political career really what she wants or needs? The drama continues to build in Faith’s life and it literally reaches a boiling point where she’s weary of "well-doing" under public scrutiny and tired of being taken for granted by those she loves and who claim to love her in return. When a sistah’s fed up, a change is gonna’ come. Have you ever been fed up?

Monica Anderson’s debut fiction novel is destined to captivate readers from the first sentence. With witty dialogue and colorful characters, this new novel examines the unpredictable consequences of a woman’s anorexic inner spirit when she takes an open honest assessment of how unfulfilling her life has become and what she must do about it.

About the Author
Dr. Monica "Moe" Anderson is a versatile journalist, author, motivational speaker, and Doctor of Dental Surgery. She is not new to the literary scene for she has authored two non-fiction titles: Black English Vernacular ( a humorous but educational dictionary of Black slang) and Mom, Are We There Yet (a heartwarming collection of funny family vignettes)? Dr. Moe lives in Arlington, Texas with her two extraordinarily handsome sons and a pathetic pet plant, named Ivy.

Monica Anderson is available for online chats, interviews, book discussion conference calls, book club meetings and literary conferences. For more information, please visit Monica Anderson online at

When a Sistah’s Fed Up
Monica Frazier Anderson
AuthorHouse, August 2005
$16.00; paperback, ISBN1-4208-4895X
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