Feeding Spiritual Hunger this Holiday Season

From: Night Lotus Productions
Published: Fri Nov 18 2005

For many, this holiday season will bring up feelings of sadness, guilt, alienation or dismay, as their deep hunger for meaningful spirituality goes unfulfilled for one more year. Atheists thirst for deeper meaning; religious community members long to move beyond superficial groupthink; disaffected followers who have left their religious paths wrestle with guilt, shame, abandonment and emptiness. Almost everyone is concerned about all that is happening in our world, yet even the most active activists know they can’t possibly do enough to fix it all. Since ancient times, there has been only one truly effective solution to all these inner and outer ills and troubles, and this ultimate soul salve is meaningful, intelligent, powerful and personal spirituality.

Author Sharon Janis knows how to address this widespread thirst for authentic spirituality with humor, wisdom, specific suggestions, and personal insight, and is available to share her knowledge, stories, humor, and insights to help bring spiritual and philosophical nourishment to your audience. Sharon is the author of five spirituality-based books: Spirituality For Dummies, Conscious Evolution, Secrets of Spiritual Happiness, Things that Make You Go Oooommmmm, and the critically acclaimed autobiographical adventure, Never to Return: A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth.

Sharon’s own eclectic journey has brought her from an atheist upbringing to the study of neuroscience at the University of Michigan, to a decade of monastic life in Muktananda and Gurumayi’s ashram, to an award-winning television career, editing and producing many shows, including Candid Camera, X-Men, and the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Sharon now resides in Cardiff by the Sea, California, where she writes books, produces videos, gives workshops, lectures, and chanting and devotional singing concerts in temples, yoga studios, bookstores, and churches, and maintains a popular and vast website of free multimedia spiritual resources at www.nightlotus.com.

In November 2004, Sharon began a new journey – attending a different spiritual or religious service every Sunday, including Catholic, Methodist, Theosophist, Hindu, Buddhist, Rosicrucian, Mormon, Spiritualist, New Age, Presbyterian, Quaker, and many more. This journey has brought insights about the state of spirituality today, and into the essential streams that flow through most spiritual and religious paths. Invite Sharon Janis to participate in the dialogue of your show this holiday season, and help to feed the spiritually hungry.
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