Is XanGo the next Google?

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Published: Fri Nov 18 2005

Toronto, Ontario, November 18, 2005 -- Since opening its doors just three years ago, XanGo has broken every industry record for growth. If you take the last five years of the top Inc. 500 companies that finished in the number one position, their growth percentages vary from 21,000% to 57,000%. XanGo is on track to be at 85,000% and is experiencing over 250% annual growth. That's right XanGo is on track to join well-known companies like Ebay, Dell, Yahoo and Microsoft at the top of the list.

XanGo health juice is a natural fruit beverage from a tropical fruit called the mangosteen that delivers positive health benefits for most of the body's system. XanGo is a unique, dietary juice supplement that features the whole fruit puree of mangosteen fruit. This fruit has been used by indigenous peoples around the world. In Southeast Asia, mangosteen use is documented as far back as the sixth century as "herb of choice" to correct many diseases. Found within the whole fruit of the mangosteen are some unique phytochemicals called xanthones. The mangosteen fruit has the highest level of these naturally occurring antioxidants of any food yet known to man. The western world has only become aware of it recently, and the scientific community is all delighted with the potential this fruit has shown in testing conducted throughout the world by independent third-party scientists who have no association with XanGo.

Aside from the health benefits, XanGo offers financial opportunities for everyone as well, with low start up cost, a highly consumable product, and an attractive compensation plan created and managed by an already successful team of career network marketers. The web site encourages prospects to secure their position today and become part of what is arguably the fastest growing home business in history. XanGo is currently open in American Samoa, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, United States and the US Virgin Islands.

The largest network marketing companies are always the first successful company in any given product line (for example, Melaleuca, NuSkin, Morinda). The "me-too" companies, who come after and copy these category creator leaders seldom, if ever, become as large or as successful as the original. XanGo is a category creator and has partnered with WILD Flavors, Inc., a Billion Dollar manufacturing company from Germany with plants in 11 locations around the world.

XanGo has more than 400,000 independent distributors worldwide and has more than 500 employees in Utah. Nutrition Business Journal ranked XanGo's US sales No. 5 - ahead of NuSkin and behind veteran direct sales companies Avon, Alticor (formerly Amway), Mary Kay Cosmetics and HerbaLife. XanGo represents a combination of everything other leading companies are doing right to achieve momentum growth. Network Marketing Business Journal named XanGo as the company of the month in its March 2005 edition: "Top network marketing leaders are saying "no" to the great to say "yes" to the exceptional! Every day, seasoned MLM veterans are joining a company that, to our knowledge, is the fastest growing company in network marketing today. Founded November of 2002 in Utah, XanGo is setting network marketing on its ear. Never before have so many experts and insiders agreed that one company could be the next billion-dollar giant. Looking at XanGo’s distributor base is like looking at a list of the who’s who in network marketing."

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