Hotter Shoes reveals new collection of waterproof walking boots

From: Hotter Shoes
Published: Fri Dec 23 2011

Hotter Shoes has released its latest collection of waterproof walking boots and shoes, which are the perfect solution to help people stick to their New Year's plans.

With the turn of the year comes the resolution to reinvent, readjust and rejuvenate, and top of the list for many is to get fit and healthy. However, with the British weather at its worst, waterproof walking boots are a definite 'must have' to help people keep their resolve. What's more, Hotter has introduced extra wide-fitting ladies walking boots for the first time this season, offering additional lightweight, functional styles.

"It's a full time job hiding secret comfort features in our footwear - making our shoes look stylish and pleasing to the eye but saving maximum impact for when you put them on your feet," commented Product Design Director Paul Sayers. "So when we decided we needed to take one step further and create a weatherproof comfort collection we decided that GORE-TEX Product Technology was the perfect fit."

Hotter’s weatherproof collection of comfortable walking shoes and walking boots are perfect for walking, strolling, wandering up hill and down dale keeping your feet comfortable in warm (or cool) dry comfort, protected from the elements and at the right temperature. Each pair incorporates the ultra-thin GORE-TEX membrane which is sandwiched between the outer shoe leather and the inner lining so it can’t be seen.

"That's the beauty of GORE-TEX Product technology and Hotter comfort - you don't have to think about it to enjoy it because your feet are cosseted in comfort," added Paul. "The porous structure of the GORE-TEX membrane holds the secret to its success. Each pore in the membrane is about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water so water can't get in. But that's not the end of the story because these same pores just happen to be 700 times bigger than a water vapour molecule so sweat and moisture from your feet can easily escape, keeping your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature - simple and effective."

Every material in Hotter's weatherproof collection, including linings, uppers, insoles and stitching is quality tested and approved to guarantee its waterproof promise. Even laces undergo stringent wicking tests to make sure that they do not carry water into the footwear and special 'bellows' tongues are designed into every pair to prevent water seeping into the shoe through eyelets. Shoe construction is fully approved by the team and a random sample is carried out both on site by Hotter and by the GORE-TEX Footwear testing centre in Germany.

Hotter's weatherproof collection of ladies shoes comes in size 3 to 9 with some half sizes and extra wide options in shoe Mist and boot Terra; the men's collection includes three shoes and two men's walking boots in sizes 6 to 12, with some half sizes.

About Hotter Comfort Concept:
The company, which was established in 1959, now has one of the most successful production facilities anywhere in the world. The 'Comfort Concept' in every pair of women's shoes includes features such as smooth internal seams; removable insoles; soft leather uppers and soft padding. The 1.3 million pairs of comfortable shoes that will be designed and made in Hotter's UK factory this year have shock absorbing soles which contain millions of air bubbles that make the shoes incredibly light and give a feeling of walking on air.

Hotter Shoes makes a range of women's shoes and men's shoes, including extra wide shoes, which are designed to look stylish but secretly hide a raft of comfort features including padding at heels; roomy toe boxes and removable insoles. The company also manufactures work shoes and extra wide shoes, as well as several other ranges.

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