Announces New ‘Featured Charitable Organization’: The Marion Institute

From: ECON Investor Relations
Published: Tue Mar 22 2005

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta B.C, March 22, 2005 –, a global investor news and research group of portals is pleased to announce the addition of the Marion Institute as a Featured Charitable Organization within the InvestorIdeas suite of Industry Portals. The Marion Institute hopes to benefit from increased exposure to the stock market investment community.

"We are thrilled and honored to be featured on," said Callum Grieve, Marketing Director at the Marion Institute. "This offers us the exciting opportunity to connect thousands of investors and financial industry leaders with the Marion Institute’s unique, groundbreaking and holistic array of socially responsible investing, environmental, health and human rights related programs."

"The Marion Institute," said Grieve, "introduces innovative models for creating deep and positive change, empowering individuals by connecting them to our programs, and therefore encouraging effective transformation. We firmly believe that when individuals are offered practical and visionary solutions, they become inspired, realize their potential and will act to restore a healthier balance."

To view information about the Marion Institute on the InvestorIdeas website click below:

"In a corporate ‘for-profit’ driven environment, like the stock market," said Dawn L. Van Zant, President,, "business owners are not always able to express their ideals or philosophies. By providing free PR services and exposure to non-profit organizations in which we believe - such as the Marion Institute - we can enhance and balance our overall content. Our online portal is primarily free to users, and therefore sharing a message of "uniting people who want to heal the planet – and themselves" is a very positive addition."

About The Marion institute
Founded in 1992, the Marion Institute is dedicated to identifying and promoting programs that seek to enhance life for the Earth and its inhabitants. We are committed to uniting people who want to heal the planet – and themselves – by encouraging a deeper understanding of the past, a dynamic experience of the present, and a passionate vision of a healthy future. We believe in the interdependence of all life and the critical balance necessary for a sustainable future. For more information about the Marion Institute, please call Marketing Director Callum Grieve at 508.748.0816 or email him at

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