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Published: Sat Nov 19 2005

When it rains, it pours- literally. Husband and wife songwriting duo, James and Kathy Unruh of the Bitterroot Valley in Montana, will have two of their original songs, "Take My Hand" and "Hope," debuting on an international television program November 20, 2005. Primary Focus, a Christian News Magazine, is part of the "Back to God Hour" which runs nationally and all over the world on various secular and religious outlets. Gary Stafford, a freelance producer associated with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), was in the process of putting together a documentary special titled: "HURRICANE KATRINA - A Test of Faith " when he came across a blog Kathy had written about artists encouraging the victims of Hurricane Katrina through their gift of music. Gary was apparently intrigued with what he read and decided to listen to some of the songs Kathy had written and put on her website at After hearing them he sent her an email stating: "I love your song ‘Take My Hand’ (the lyrics, your voice, your guitar- everything is incredible). I'm wondering if you are interested in letting us use it or other songs in our show..."

James and Kathy Unruh both play guitar and have been writing songs for many years. They have an acoustic style that is somewhat reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens, but with a Christian twist. In the spring of 2005, James and Kathy began recording a new song they had written together called "Hope." When Gary Stafford asked if they might have an additional song that would work for his documentary, James mentioned their new song. Gary asked James to send him a copy of the lyrics, which he did. After reading them, Gary said they were "beautiful and just perfect for the show." So, James and Kathy quickly set up another recording session in order to finish the song.

Thanks to the efforts of Russell Perri (music producer), Jason Hicks (recording engineer), Erin Lally (cellist) and Suzie Zech (back-up vocalist), the song was completed to everyone’s satisfaction by the time the deadline arrived. Finally, "Take My Hand" and "Hope" were ready to be burned to a CD and shipped off to Gary via express mail. The next day James and Kathy received an email from Gary and were happy to read: "I have just one word for you...AMAZING!!"

The couple is very excited that a film producer is interested in using their two songs for a television documentary about Hurricane Katrina. "We realize that having our music on the program can be a source of comfort and encouragement for those who were involved in the hurricane, and it may open up new opportunities for us in the future" James said.

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