A Companion for The Travellers

Published: Sun Nov 20 2005

The Notebook Companion comes in three different sizes Small, Medium & Large to suit various Luggage requirements and if there is a need to leave the Luggage behind at the hotel and Carry the Laptop alone for business meetings, the Notebook Companion easily lives up to this requirement with a removable Laptop Compartment. Ease of use & Flexibility at the fingertips!

Speaking on introduction of these New Series, Ribi Kenneth Retail & Operations Manager DICOTA ME remarks that "Travelers often compromises on optimized & convenient Notebook transport while traveling. This is what we plan to bridge with the new case that will create a new a new segment for Notebook Carry Cases altogether. The all in one Laptop trolley system that accommodates the entire travel luggage will ease frequent travelers & business personnel. These cases have been designed with numerous features in both the interiors & the exteriors that are all travel oriented & built to aid ease of travel."

The generous interior and exterior layout of each Notebook Companion provides optimized Notebook protection, a sophisticated luggage organization and truly carefree travel. Water-resistant exterior material coupled with high-quality manufacturing; make these bags especially tear-proof and durable. Airplane flights, rain, damp or dirty environments can’t touch your trolley!

The Notebook Companion S is certified as a carry-on bag and saves your time at the baggage claim after flights. Additional locks that form an integral part of the Case, protects your contents in all three bags so that private belongings or your mobile office are not lost. No chance for pickpockets! Mobile Equipment and clothing find enough room on the inside of the new trolleys. Suit, shoes & Co. are easily stored in the large main compartment with an integrated sponge bag. The integrated shirt compartment provides for wrinkle-free shirts. "The introduction of these models during GITEX Dubai have brought in a huge response from our channel Partners for this product. We expect to have strong sales for this item since it’s both exclusive for the ME market as well as caters to a new segment of the market that we plan to develop gradually" Says Hussein Maharma, Regional Sales Manager DICOTA ME. The Notebook Companion S has a capacity of 16 liters, while the two larger models M and L contain 24 or 36 liters of storage room. Very practical for somewhat longer business trips: The two versions M and L each have a removable Notebook bag. Power supply unit and cables are easily stowed in the integrated cable bag of the trolley. And if the case is already full and the storage room is already used then the Notebook bag can be easily fastened to the telescope handle. The practical Notebook Companion S has a specially cushioned Notebook compartment that protects the Notebook from knocks and shocks. Pens, business cards, cell phone, etc. will find room in the exterior pockets of all three models and are therefore always handy.

The new trilogy is completed by large, smooth-rolling wheels in combination with a stable single-hand telescope handle made of high-quality aluminum. Traveling with a trolley is especially comfortable. In order to easily retrieve the cases even from deeper luggage compartments all three models have a depressed handle on the bottom side of the hull.
Company: DICOTA ME
Contact Name: Ribi Kenneth
Contact Email: dicota-me@protech.ae
Contact Phone: +971 50 7293948

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