From: The Internet Centre
Published: Sun Nov 20 2005

It has been said that if you find a good web designer, you will also find someone who can’t spell!

This may be harsh, but there is a grain of truth judging from the huge volume of typos all too visible in many otherwise slick web sites.

It gets worse when you let forum and web site users publish text that demonstrates to an online audience of millions just how poor an education the authors received or alternatively how bad their eyesight is!

Specialist web solutions company Jacuba, based in the UK, have launched the first in a series of innovative utilities for use by web designers and their customers which should change all this.

The product is an online spell checker that can be embedded in web sites and also used by those forum and blog addicts. It checks their spelling as they type so there's no excuse.

It may not sound that exciting, but there is currently nothing like it on the market – and it’s free!! What’s more, you can use it without downloading, installing or any of that hazardous virus stuff.

It is the first in a series of utilities that make use of a new technology called AJAX, which enriches traditional web sites by interactively linking their pages to data in a variety of forms.

The result is that web sites can do more and reaction times are faster when these utilities are used in place of more traditional approaches.

Don’t believe us – try it for yourself now by going to www.jacuba.com or better still contact the clever guys at Jacuba.


Contact:Terry Pentland by phone: 00 44 121 248 7779
or by email : terry@jacuba.com

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Company: The Internet Centre
Contact Name: Terry Pentland
Contact Email: terry@jacuba.com
Contact Phone: 00441212487779

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