research looks into myths around the drink driving limit

Published: Wed Dec 28 2011 has revealed research showing that 51% of drivers do not know the legal alcohol limit. The research also showed that 31% of drivers are unaware that other factors such as weight, stress levels, gender, whether they have eaten recently and age mean that alcohol can affect individuals differently.

Tragically, 250 people were killed and 1,230 were seriously injured on British roads in 2010 by drivers over the drink drive limit. However, these findings show that just over half of drivers don’t know what the UK legal drink drive limit equates to in terms of alcoholic beverage and quantity.

Rebecca Clough, head of campaigns and communication at alcohol education charity Drinkaware, said: "Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your ability to drive. So the only safe advice is to avoid drinking if you are driving. If you are planning to drink when you go out, make alternative arrangements like choosing a 'designated driver' from your group of friends, plan your journey home by public transport or use a licensed taxi. For the facts about alcohol and driving, visit"

The research also showed that 13% of people have admitted to feeling tipsy when driving and 20% of people would be willing to chance drink driving.

Shockingly, 44% of people know someone who has been caught drink driving. 5% of drivers polled have themselves been caught drink driving and men have been caught more frequently than women.
In addition to the devastating consequences drink driving can have, has revealed that a conviction adds up to 42% on a car insurance premium in the first year.

Gareth Kloet,'s head of car insurance says: "My advice is to not drink at all if driving. Without taking into account the devastating toll paid in terms of injury, death, a driving ban or prison time, a drink-driving offence can cause a driver's premium to increase or prevent them from being able to obtain insurance at all. There is no fool proof way of drinking and staying under the limit. The drink driving limit could be deemed as a myth because alcohol affects everyone very differently.

"If you do decide to drink and drive you are risking your life as well as others. Research shows that even very small amounts of alcohol significantly increase reaction times and therefore your risk of crashing. Take the safe option and either don't drink, or leave the car at home." is reminding drivers a conviction for drink driving also means the cost of your car insurance will increase significantly. To help know your limits whilst driving, the company is encouraging drivers to use their drink driving calculator tool.


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