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Published: Mon Nov 21 2005


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Westminster, CO (ClickPress) November 20, 2005 – Many Hispanic women with dry hair find success when using products by Mia Simone’s Boutique and often tell their friends and family. When surveyed it was found that what these women liked the most was the fact that they could buy products that were made for them and had their special and unique concerns in mind. "I see results when I use hair products by Mia Simone’s Boutique. Using all natural hair products that are designed for Hispanic women is also another positive benefit that I value" says Carmen Sanchez. "Latino women with curly and highly textured hair have a hard time finding products designed for them. When I use Mia Simone’s products I feel good because I know that they don’t contain toxic, synthetic or chemical ingredients. Hair care by Mia Simone contains 100% natural, vegan and organic ingredients from nature. It is nice to know that there are companies out there that care about our unique differences and make all natural products that get results and are safe to use" says Sonia Pineda. The convenience and simplicity of shopping online at http://www.HispanicBeautyAndFashion.com is something women enjoy.

Many Hispanic women suffer from dry hair and need the right type of moisture that hydrates, nourishes and strengthens the hair. Mia Simone’s Boutique specializes in making healthy 100% natural holistic hair care for people with very dry curly, wavy, coiled, nappy, damaged and chemically treated hair. Some women with highly textured hair dislike their hair and wish that is was straight. Mia Simone believes in loving and embracing your natural beauty. She also believes that using the right products can help make maintaining and styling curly, coiled, wavy, nappy, and kinky hair types easier while providing needed nutrients and moisture to the hair.

The Mia Simone brand of holistic all natural hair care contains special blends of natural ingredients such as herbs, botanicals, plant butters and oils that penetrate the hair shaft with a rich blend of nutrients and emollients designed to hydrate, moisturize and strengthen the hair while increasing the elasticity and health of the hair. Many women who are Latino, Hispanic, Multiracial, African American and Caucasian who have very dry highly textured hair have found much help and success when using: Aloe Vera Herbal Leave-In Treatment, Gourmet Handmade Shampoo Bars, HOS-PV Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Treatment and the Locs, Coils, Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Soufflé. These products are packed with natural plant oils, plant butters, vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals to help moisturize and strengthen the hair while encouraging hair growth.

"I can already let you know. I ordered a sample of the Loc Coils Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Soufflé and fell head over heels. My hair felt like tumble weed as I was transitioning. I decided to Big Chop and rid myself of the permed ends. I still experienced dryness and nothing seemed to work. I tried your Loc Coils Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Soufflé and was instantly satisfied and people noticed the difference," said Felicia S. (Stockbridge, GA).

"My hair absolutely agrees with the shampoo bars. I have very thick natural hair and I absolutely love the way my hair feels after using them. I will definitely be making another purchase soon," said Kevwe S. (Florida).

"The HOS-PV Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Treatment is wonderful. This treatment is fantastic for my daughter and I because our hair is so thick, we used the entire treatment for both of us. It gave us shine and a healthy glow," said Rhonda J. (Owings Mills, MD).

The holistic body care expert known as Mia Simone designs her skin and hair care to be therapeutic. "It is important that my products nourish, heal, strengthen, balance and meet specific needs," says Mia Simone. Mia Simone's Boutique is an international Internet boutique specializing in healthy holistic 100% natural skin and hair care. Mia Simone is available for interviews and speaking events and is recognized within her industry for her expertise in natural health and 100% natural body care.

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