Hark! Harry Potter and the Globe of Fire, Film Coverage Heralded on Blogcritics.org

From: Blogcritics.org
Published: Mon Nov 21 2005

The release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire means it's time for the 1,100 superior bloggers at online magazine Blogcritics.org to bust out their magic writing quills to cast wild and wonderful reviews and news on Harry, Ron, Hermione and crew, and opinions, commentary, and all manner of other enchanting reviews on music, books, non-Potterverse centered films, popular culture, technology, and politics too!

Harry Fever has not escaped the 50,000 daily visitors to Blogcritics.org, and the staff of more than 20 editors is even now stirring cauldrons and intoning incantations over 60 daily published articles (sprinkled with just a dash of powdered newt's eye) to bring a unique and personality-driven take on news, opinions, and reviews to the masses. And that's where the true witchcraft begins: articles then take off on flights of fancy as muggle-readers magically interact with each other and the writers in the comments area.

Harry Potter and company may have Blogcritics.org and its widespread demographic under its spell, but there are also many other exciting filmic-related wonders to check out as well:

* Blogcritics.org's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire master post is hot stuff: check out reviews of the film and related Harry-mania by such prolific Blogcritics.org wizards as Chris Beaumont and Triniman.
* DVD reviews also abound on Blogcritics.org in mystical quantities: view with wonder Master Warlock Duke de Mondo's work on Festival, "Murray Lerner's stunning 1967 distillation of the essence of the Newport Folk Festival."
* Catch the MuggleCast! The weekly podcast "dedicated to everything Harry Potter" will soon be found on Blogcritics.org.
* Chris Beaumont is all over film coverage like a Patronus. Check out his many and sundry columns: New Movie Releases (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire of course, Walk the Line), DVD Pick of the Week (Madagascar, The Skeleton Key), and Box Office Update (Chicken Little's big time triumph).
* Lest we all fall under a Forgetful Charm, let us not neglect the Harry Potter books! Reviews, news updates, and Harry Potter think tankery can be found on the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince master post.

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