Former backyard wrestler defends his sport.

Published: Tue Nov 22 2005

Opponents to the underground activity fear that young kids will be severly hurt or killed if its popularity continues to increase. According to the author "It's a fad that's not fizzling out anytime soon." The author also defends kids who have tried the sport. "The parents are to blame. They don't want to get involved in their kids lives and interests. If you ignore a teenager long enough they will do anything to recapture that attention, no matter how much it hurts." Alex also beleives that backyard wrestling is not as dangerous as everyone assumes. "The WWE is putting on an anti-backyard wrestling campaign to fight off their own liability. In doing so they overstate the claims of danger. The truth is that ten kids die every year playing high school football while in ten years of backyard wrestling not a single kid has died." Regardless of the statistics this is a book that parents had better read before their kids become armed with enough insight to make a real case for an activity that seemed doomed to fail but has already climbed off the canvas.

Book Description:

Jason would do anything to turn his misfit group of backyard wrestlers into a profitable Independent federation. The local police try to stop his extreme storylines but the real danger was the stunts that took place in the ring. Shattered elbows, facial burns and even a car accident present the group with expensive injuries but it’s not enough to stop them. Will the Extreme Backyard Alliance make itself nationally known or will someone have to die in the ring before this madness has ended?

About the Author:

Alex Hutchinson has performed as a referee, wrestler and Committee member for the EBA, one of the largest backyard federations in American history. He is also an award winning Poet and Novelist. His books Backyard Empire, Virgin Gloves and Before they were HAWKS are all available at

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