Banks League Table for March

From: SiteMorse Technologies
Published: Wed Mar 23 2005

Top of the league and best site overall was Britannia ( At the bottom of the table, representing the poorest site overall, was Bank of Ireland (
Website Function
3 sites were error free this month and 7 sites had 10 errors or less. The site with the highest number of error occurrences was Coventry Building Society ( with over 1,000.
Website Compliance
Accessibility Compliance – results of automated testing against the mandatory requirements of Priority 1 (A) Accessibility:
3 sites scored 100%, 20 sites scored 90%+ and 2 sites achieved a score of less than 1%.
HTML – The site with the lowest number of warnings [HTML standards compliance within the requirements laid down by W3C and IETF] was Britannia ( with 1. British Bankers Association ( had the poorest HTML with over 70,000 failures.

The range of tests [Web Accessibility Initiative WAI] that can be completed automatically are limited, 100% compliance with the automated tests does not mean 100% compliance with the requirements.
Website Performance
17 sites passed all basic speed tests, looking at first page download and simulated as being viewed by users with home [56k] and ADSL [512k] access.
The site with the fastest response time was British Bankers Assocaiation (; Bank of Ireland ( had the slowest response time, and was 65 times slower than British Bankers Association.
The site with the fastest download speed was The Bank of England (; Bank of Ireland ( had the slowest download speed and was 39 times slower than The Bank of England.

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