Department 56 Collectibles: Creating Lasting Memories and Traditions with Dept 56 Displays

From: LoMist Publishing
Published: Wed Nov 23 2005

[LAURENS, SC] Just in time for the Christmas decorating season, LoMist Publishing is launching a new website for collectors of Department 56 houses and accessories. The website explains why making beautiful and memorable displays is so enjoyable (and important). It also offers Dept 56 display tips and other useful information for collectors.

"Many Dept 56 collectors wait until the Christmas holiday season to display their collections so it is important to make these displays stunning, realistic, and whimsical. Most people probably never think why making beautiful displays is enjoyable or important. They just do it. But, I think if they understood some of the reasons behind it they would take the time to make even better displays." Says Bruce Dinger of LoMist Publishing, a publisher of various booklets.

Dinger gives 5 reasons why Department 56 collecting is so enjoyable (and important).

1.) Department 56 Collections are Simply Beautiful and Interesting to Show – We love them, so we show them
2.) Department 56 Collections are an Investment – We want to make the most of our investment
3.) Department 56 Collections are Fantastic for Creative Expression – We can show off our creativity and dreams
4.) Department 56 Collections Allow you to Express your Imagination – We can play the "what if" game
5.) Department 56 Collections can Create many Wonderful Memories and Traditions – We can instill many wonderful memories and traditions for our children.

For a more in-depth look at these five reasons, get some Dept 56 display tips to improve your set-up, or see what else is available to avid collectors, please visit

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