DK Images Launch Discover - the New Database for Searching Imagery Online

From: DK Images
Published: Fri Feb 01 2008

DK Images, the image encyclopedia, has just launched Discover, a new image database allowing users to search for pictures online.

The new DK Images Discover function enables user to search through over a million images including 70,000 artworks and photographs from 180 photographers on the DK Image gallery, which has been termed an image encyclopedia on account of its design and depth of subject coverage.

Users can search the free database by category, such as 'animals', 'history' or 'sports', and will then find more detailed subcategories offering further choice; for example in the 'food and drink' category, users can choose from subcategories such as 'breads', 'cooking' and 'national cuisines'. Clicking on 'breads' then pulls up a further choice of subcategories such as 'croissants', 'dough' and 'French bread' for example.

The new Discover search tool is expected to help attract even more visitors to the DK Image site. Paul Turner of DK Images commented:

"We are really excited about the DK Image Discover search engine as a way of introducing new picture buyers to our site. We feel it is innovative, original and simply an essential tool for picture researchers. Since June of 2007, a large number of DK Images have been also indexed by Google Images and hits to our site have gone from under 300 a day, to over 30,000 as a result".

All images are available as high resolution versions and DK Images retain a bank of 3 million transparencies meaning pictures are available for rescan to 50Mb. DK are well known as suppliers of high quality images for professional use, and provide book images for all Dorling Kindersley Publications.

In addition to using images for business use, students and children can download images free of charge for educational or non-profit usages. Many of the collections in the image database are particularly useful for students, such as the animal categories, which offer over 30,000 pictures of birds and beasts, from reptiles to rodents, sharks to spiders, or the history category, which has artwork and photographs of early civilizations, native artefacts and maps - ideal for school projects.

About DK Images:
DK Images, the image encyclopedia, offer a collection of 3.5 million images from 180 professional photographers on 20 major categories including food and drink, animals (including pet cats and dogs), cut-out images, technology, plants, crafts, geography and travel, art, gardening, science and architecture.
DK Images is part of Dorling Kindersley Limited.

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