Flaredance Firework Screensaver 1.00 has been released

From: Xander Zerge
Published: Wed Nov 23 2005

Xander Zerge has released a new fireworks simulation screensaver "Flaredance Firework Screensaver 1.00".

This screensaver accurately simulates fireworks in the most of physical aspects such as gravity, wind, air resistance, smokes and clouds.

Flaredance differs from other fireworks screensavers not only in reality of model. It has special "fly-through" camera mode, which allows to watch the firework explosions from inside: the camera flies between explosions, sparks and smokes, naturally shaking from near bombs.

The screensaver produces high quality and realistic sounds recorded by author at real firework events. Sounds from distant explosions are delayed accurately to reflect limited sonic speed.

For advanced users, which are familiar with XML, author offers the open firework description data format. It allows the users to make their own fireworks with XML data files. The format of data files is described in on-line help.

Flaredance Screensaver has many settings, which allow configuring it in many ways. These include scene complexity, details and firework composition.

It has a feature that can make it more useful than just a screen saving utility. In "On-screen message" mode it will not close as usual screensaver when someone will move a mouse or press the keys on keyboard. Instead of closing, it will display a message, which could be set earlier. Moreover, it can create several application shortcuts to launch the screensaver with different messages manually.

Flaredance Screensaver fully supports multi-monitor PC configurations. It can display same or different situations on all of the monitors, connected to PC. Screen resolution, color quality and refresh rate can be set independently for each display.

The screensaver has unpretentious system requirements and with a processor like Pentium-IV and with a graphics card as GeForce-4 will be able operate with all parameters set to maximum.

Flaredance Screensaver is well documented - its on-line help covers all users' needs regarding installing and properly configuring the screensaver (however, it works nice with default settings).

web-site page: http://www.firework-screensaver.com
download link: http://www.firework-screensaver.com/flaredance-setup.exe (1.9MB)

author's site: http://www.zerge.com
author e-mail: xander@zerge.com

Program cost: $14.95

Company: Xander Zerge
Contact Name: Xander Zerge
Contact Email: xander@zerge.com

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