Students from The Delphian School Raise Money for Hurricane Katrina Victims

From: The Delphian School
Published: Thu Nov 24 2005

Upon finding out about Hurricane Katrina, students of The Delphian School were eager to contribute. Members of the Student Council started raising money through bake sales, presentations to students, signs and donations. The Delphian School students understood the impact of the situation, and they had great concern for the victims. The students raised over $1,100, which they donated to Habitat for Humanity to help their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

During the time of the hurricanes, the students took extra time in current events classes to talk about both the financial and economic impact of the hurricanes. The students realized how the hurricanes were affecting the United States and knew they needed to do something about it. They also had many gains themselves from helping out. "I really enjoyed giving my money to a cause that was affecting the world today. I feel I made an impact and helped someone in need," said seventeen-year-old Jessica Benk.

Eighteen-year-old Chelsea Melchior had a similar experience while helping out. "I could see that help was really needed in New Orleans. I was glad I could do something to make a difference."

The Delphian School has various fundraisers throughout the year. These fundraisers give students a chance to help out in the community and the world around them.

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