Sieg Web Solutions launches Payroll System 2006

From: Sieg Web Solutions
Published: Thu Nov 24 2005

MANILA -- Sieg Web Solutions recently launched its latest software product, Payroll System version 2006 – the payroll management software specifically designed for the Filipino entrepreneur.

Payroll System eliminates the need for an accountant with its easy-to-use and powerful features. Nontechnical users can simply ‘point and click’ their way intuitively into managing day-to-day compensation, creating batches of periodic payroll reports, summaries of withholding taxes, and even SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF reports.

"Most small businesses rely on traditional payroll methods that are labor-intensive, time-consuming, expensive to maintain and very prone to human error," explains Jonas Abesamis, head software developer and CEO of Sieg Web Solutions. "Payroll System completely automates the payroll process – click a button and you have already paid your employees and complied with mandatory reports."

The lack of a peso-based payroll system prompted Sieg Web Solutions to develop Payroll System. The software is packed with all the functionalities of its more popular dollar-based counterparts like Microsoft Money, but is customized for the Philippine currency and payroll legislation. It therefore supports mid-month and end-monthly payment schemes, overtime computations, and even SSS loan computations. It even features ‘automatic withholding tax adjustment’ for December payroll reports.

This flexibility is making Payroll System a hit among small- and medium-sized businesses. Several companies across different industries – from consulting to medicine to restaurants – have already installed the software and are enjoying fast and hassle-free payroll management.

"Our price is very friendly to small businesses," adds Abesamis. "We charge only about one-fifth of the regular industry rate for products like this, so entrepreneurs with smaller budgets can definitely afford this technology."

Payroll System can likewise handle an unlimited number of employee accounts, making it the perfect investment for the expanding business. Interested entrepreneurs can try the software for free by downloading it at

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