FONDIS makes FOND’ice® all year round

From: FTPB
Published: Thu Nov 24 2005

Fondis of France, a specialist in quality heating and air-conditioning equipment, has launched the FOND’ice®, an all-year heating system that combines wood heating, heat-pump heating and air-conditioning. In winter, it provides all the warmth and friendliness of a wood fire and, in summer, silent air-conditioning which is fully built-in and hence invisible. The systems installed by Fondis provide economical and ecological reversible solutions.

FOND’ice® is available in a variety of fireplace styles, ranging from contemporary to classic. The invisible, efficient air-conditioning system is also extremely quiet (32dBa). The INVERTER technology is economical (saving up to 30% of energy), avoiding peaks in consumption. A single setting provides constant, comfortable temperatures throughout the house all year round.

FOND’ice® automatically switches between cold and hot modes, depending on the set temperature. The wood-heating and reversible air-conditioning functions cannot run at the same time: a safety device automatically cuts off one system when the other is running. Moreover, an efficient isolation system protects the inner air-conditioning unit installed beneath the firebox.

FOND’ice® uses R410A coolant, which is both environmentally friendly and ideal for maintenance. FOND’ice® develops a power of 6kW to 7.7kW. It can be used for warm or cool air distribution over more than 70m2, via ducts leading from the fireplace, depending on insulation and outdoor temperature. In heat-pump heating mode, 1kW of electricity produces 4kW of heat. The thermostat is easy to use, and displays the temperature in 1°C increments on an LCD screen (the thermostat is also built into the remote control).

Wood, the most economical energy source, can be used at any time instead of the heat pump. The firebox provides powerful heating and lasts for more than 11 hours of continuous fire with clean, efficient combustion: 78% for the Passion with a CO rate of 0.52%, and 74% for the Stella with a CO rate of 0.66%. The firebox, made of Corten steel, seam welded with high-resistance refractory lining at the sides and cast-iron on the bottom, is exceptionally strong.

FOND’ice® is also very easy to maintain. It is equipped with a glazed screen with pyrolytic self-cleaning, produced by Visiocéram. With a worldwide patent, FOND’ice® can be used with customised individual fireplace designs, combining aesthetics and high performance. The sobriety of the door surround is appropriate for both rustic and contemporary fireplaces.

The technical specifications of FOND’ice® are as follows:

• Dimensions: (H x L x P) approximately 1535mm X 973mm X 672mm
• Weight: 450kg (inside and outside unit)

Wood heating function:

• Continuous fire
• Power: 13kW or 17kW (depending on version)
• Efficiency: 73% or 78% at normal rating (depending on version)

Reversible air-conditioning function:

• INVERTER technology
• Air-conditioning capacity: approximately 70m2 (depending on insulation)
• Heating power: 6kW
• Cooling power: 7kW
• Performance coefficient: 3.2

About Fondis

Fondis, created in Alsace (in eastern France) in 1978, is a wood-heating specialist offering items ranging from classic or contemporary open stone fireplaces to glass-fronted room-heaters, as well as wood-burning stoves. Fondis also produces electrical radiators in Solaris glass, which act as radiant panels. The company's growth is based on the development of innovative products designed to meet the new energy, environmental and aesthetic demands of the modern home.

Fondis also supplies a wide range of wine-cellar air-conditioners.

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