Christmas is a Time for Sharing: devolo’s MicroLink dLAN Gives Housemates Easy Broadband Sharing

From: devolo
Published: Thu Nov 24 2005

Oxford, 24 November, 2005 – Young professionals and students living in shared accommodation will no longer have to fight or draw lots for Internet access thanks to the devolo MicroLink dLAN Highspeed Starter Kit, which enables a single broadband connection to be shared by multiple PCs in a house over the household electrical wiring.

The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed Starter Kit is an easy to use, plug-and-play shared home-networking solution which is able to move from room to room according to users’ needs. By using dLAN Highspeed adapters to link to a broadband modem/ router, full-bandwidth broadband access can be extended and shared by multiple occupants’ computers in a property.

With data transfer speeds of up to 85Mbps, the MicroLink dLAN Highspeed Starter kit offers a real alternative to conventional Ethernet cabling, with the bandwidth to support full multimedia home networking. Housemates can access the Internet when and where they want within the property, without the expense of taking out additional broadband connections with service providers.

This solution gives house sharers key advantages over conventional Ethernet cabling and WLAN connections. Operating over existing electrical wiring, the MicroLink dLAN removes the need to drill through walls or install extra wiring throughout the house and is not affected by any reduction in wireless transmission quality which can be caused by walls and ceilings.

Households simply need to connect a network router to a broadband modem, then link the router to a MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adaptor plugged into a 3-pin power outlet. Any users wanting to share the broadband connection then simply connect their PC to another MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adaptor plugged into any other 3-pin power socket in the property.

With its high bandwidth capabilities, the MicroLink Highspeed Starter Kit can be used for streaming high-quality video and audio content between PCs and for advanced home networking applications.

The MicroLink Highspeed Starter Kit consists of two adaptors and costs £139.99 (inc VAT), whilst the single MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adaptors are available at a recommended retail price of £74.99 (inc VAT). All packs come with a comprehensive three-year warranty and support package.

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About devolo:
devolo was founded in May 2002 by former employees of the now insolvent German data communications and graphics card developer ELSA AG.. Focusing on the consumer data communications marketplace, devolo has taken over all the technological expertise from ELSA AG along with the brand names and product rights for "MicroLink". 20 years of experience in developing data communications solutions provides the ultimate foundation for producing a broad spectrum of high quality products. Whilst the UK will focus primarily on the MicroLink dLAN HomePlug networking range of products, the current European range also includes analogue modems, ADSL modems and focused networking technologies for private consumers and professional business users. Due to the many years of experience that our employees collectively possess, a relatively young company like devolo can assure the quality of its products straight from the outset. In addition, our in-house R&D team constantly ensure that a flow of innovative products are developed to match market requirements.
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