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From: On Demand Systems Inc.
Published: Fri Nov 25 2005

On Demand Systems Inc., a company providing software solutions on demand, has listed itself for sale on eBay. This first-of-a-kind auction, which will provide the winning bidder the huge opportunity to tap into the exponentially growing model of subscriptions-based sale of hosted applications, will be open for bidding from 11/20 until 11/30 at

"This is obviously not the average item for sale on eBay. Not only will somebody be buying a business, they will be buying into the huge, untapped potential of on-demand, software-as-a-service model. This model is now being touted as the future for software sales by industry experts and even has the backing of stalwarts like Larry Ellison of Oracle. The opportunities in this area can be gauged by the public listing of last year, and the (reported) impending IPO of NetSuite this," says Willis. "The subscription-based sale of hosted software solutions is disruptive and poised to revolutionize the way software is bought and used. With our extensive suite of tested products, this sale will give the right buyer with a powerful vision the opportunity to ride the explosive growth wave of the on-demand software market."

The assets included for sale during the auction include:
1 Software suites: Simple-to-use, but highly sophisticated and best-of-breed on demand software suites on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Portal, Efax solution, Video Conferencing, Contact Management System,etc.
2 Website & associated assets: An extremely valuable domain name that encapsulates the exponentially growing business segment, along with all rights associated with it, such as design, branding, backend technology, as well as marketing secrets.
3 Comprehensive product documentation
4 Business Plan: An extensive business plan, prepared in collaboration with a technical consultancy firm that clearly outlines the roadmap for making this an extremely successful, multi-million dollar business. The detailed business plan should easily enable the buyer of the business to hit the ground running.
5 Related domain names: A list of 13 additional, highly relevant domains that may be utilized for efficient product segmentation and marketing.
6 Support and consultancy: As a gesture of goodwill and strong belief in this business opportunity, buyers can choose to leverage the considerable expertise and experience acquired by On Demand Systems in understanding the user needs, identifying market opportunities and developing cutting-edge products, to get the business off the ground at no additional costs.

Commenting on the novel approach adopted to sell the business, Eric says, "Seldom do you find a real, established company with real products – and not mere concepts—in the online auction arena being sold this way. Yet, just as the concept of on-demand software is relatively new and beneficial to customers, I believe that selling a company through an auction presents a new way for individual entrepreneurs/ companies to acquire the right businesses. Moreover, it puts the opportunity in front of so many more people. Ultimately, both the buyer and seller stand to benefit with a hassle-free and quick transaction like this. It could well herald a new model for buying and selling of small-to-medium sized companies with the potential to become huge corporations."

The 27-year old entrepreneur is selling On Demand Systems, in spite of his strong belief in the business model as well the suite of products in their portfolio, to pursue another pet project in a nascent market that he deems is a bigger intellectual challenge. "I am selling On Demand Systems Inc., despite the considerable investment of time and resources to passionately build some wonderful products, to be able to exclusively focus on a different project on decentralized distributed computing that challenges me in a profoundly different way. In fact, I am quite confident that from a financial perspective at least, the right, driven buyer of this business will make me regret selling it off," says Eric.

About On Demand Systems:
On Demand Systems is a software solutions company that strives to provide its customers a reliable, secure and complete business system that would equip them with better quality information systems at a lower cost to help them achieve faster decision making and achieve their business objectives.

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