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Published: Sat Nov 26 2005

Freelance online copywriter Andrew Cavanagh says even the greatest online marketers alive are throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by neglecting basic copywriting fundamentals.

At his site Cavanagh is making an astonishing guarantee of finding $5,000 to $250,000 or MORE in hidden profits in any established online business.

Cavanagh's speaks from 23 years of copywriting experience – mainly writing copy for his own businesses where he says "My own ass was on the line!"

After taking his business online Cavanagh was astonished at the profits the most highly experienced internet marketers were leaving on the table.

Cavanagh says the problem with internet marketing is the community is so tiny.

The same information and marketing techniques are recycled continuously through this limited community.

As excellent as this internet marketing information is, most internet marketers have lost their objectivity.

By simply stepping back and focusing on core fundamentals most online marketers could produce almost exponential increase in their profits.

Online marketers usually already know key marketing fundamentals like making a great offer to your prospects and remembering you're dealing with real, live people but this is rarely reflected effectively in their online copy.

Taking marketing methods common in other industries and applying them to the internet can be astonishingly powerful says Cavanagh.

Not only can you massively increase your online sales you can also create a flood of highly qualified clients at a ludicrously low price – often completely free.

If you'd like to have maverick Australian copywriter Andrew Cavnanagh help you find $5,000 to $250,000 of hidden profits in your established online business go to
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