How are YOU sending your holiday greetings this year?

From: HINZtime Virtual Assistance
Published: Sat Nov 26 2005

The holidays are here again. They seem to come faster and faster as we get older, and time gets to be a precious commodity.

How are you sending YOUR holiday greetings this year? Glenda Hinz of HINZtime Virtual Assistance has found the answer with You can take care of the task of addressing, stamping and mailing cards as easy as 1, 2, 3.

You simply log on to a website, pick the card of your choice, type a message and CLICK. The card will be produced with your personal message on it, stuffed, stamped and mailed.

The Wall Street Journal had a fabulous story on this system in the November 22, 2005 edition and featured Hinz's colleagues, Kyle Sheldon-Chandler of KSC Virtual Assistant Services and Paula Fehringer of You can read the article here:

For more details on the cards, or to send a FREE trial card, simply visit and we will set up a gift account for the asking.

Take some of the work out of the holidays. Sending your holiday greetings will be much easier with this point and click system, leaving you more time for all the other activities of this wonderful season.

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