Yahoo! Chat Faces Competition From Its Own Members

From: E-Office Professionals
Published: Sat Nov 26 2005

In earlier years, programmers used to log on to a Yahoo! computer chat room to chat with so-called ‘experts’ about their programming problems. These experts were regulars in the Yahoo! chat rooms and either programmed for a living, or were knowledgeable through experience. Either way, when the experts were asked questions, they responded, and in a mature fashion. Log on to a Yahoo! computer chat room now, and you’re lucky to find anyone who’s even chatting about computer-related issues. In the event that you do, it’s highly improbable that someone in the room is an ‘expert’. But, let’s just say that you do get a response from one of today’s ‘experts’. You’re likely to just leave the room after getting a response. Why? Because today’s Yahoo! ‘expert’ just doesn’t seem to care about giving detailed support for programmers. Frustrated programmers seeking advice question why these so-called experts come visit the chat rooms if they are not asking questions or offering assistance.

That’s where E-Office Professionals steps in. The company has launched ad-free forums at
When building the website, E-Office Professionals envisioned forums where members can receive a wide range of computer support, including hardware, software, viruses, programming, and website design.

The company has implemented a registration process that is both optional and hassle-free. Current users have found it beneficial to register with an email address. By doing this, whenever someone replies to posts that they have flagged, they receive email notification. To register, the user simply types a username, password, and security code. The user can customize his/her profile and register at the same time. No email address is required at sign-up.

Being that E-Office Professionals has shifted from selling office services like data entry to now selling website design and hosting packages as its core service, the company states that there will be some restrictions on members advertising in their posts. The company currently restricts advertising to registered members who have contributed at least 5 posts to the forum. After doing so, members can place advertisements and hyperlinks in their signatures and can post in the Advertisements forum.

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E-Office Professionals is a consultancy specializing in website design, web hosting, staffing, marketing, and management for small to medium-sized businesses located around the globe. The company differentiates itself from competitors by offering the same high-quality services as them, but at sensible prices.
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