Owner Goes Green With Trees and Sheep in Costa Rica

From: SkyFor Inc
Published: Wed Jan 11 2012

A Colorado real estate business woman started the year with a unique enterprise: She decided to go green by growing tropical hardwoods and selling grass-fed lambs in Costa Rica.

Kathleen Chiras, owner of Skyfor, Inc., hopes to make a positive difference in the world in several ways. After visiting Costa Rica in 2004 she decided to purchase 80 acres of land and plant 4,000 tropical hardwood trees, She recently got into raising grass-fed sheep in this tropical paradise she often travels to. Providing a natural and healthy small-farm food supply to local communities contributes to her green efforts. Her reasons for pursuing this dream were to help in environmental restoration while at the same time acquiring a commodity investment in tropical trees.

Her company, SkyFor, donates 10% of its gross proceeds from it's own websites to environmental non-profits. She started her company in 1994 to provide good representation for buyers in the real estate industry. Her Master’s in social work and extensive experience in consumer advocacy have enabled her to successfully provide lists of buyers agents to 300-500 consumers a month. Based in Evergreen, Colorado the company employs 5 part and full time employees.

Kathleen maintains the employing broker’s license in Colorado she has had since 1991 and is a Certified International Property Specialist. She is the founder of several international associations of buyer agents,

Skyfor. received an Associations Advance America Honor Roll award for the Consumer Inquiry Program that was developed with the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, one of the associations she helped found. She continues to head the Consumer Inquiry Division. Skyfor has helped over 50,000 individuals connect with quality real estate buyers agents primarily in the United States, but also in Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The goal of Skyfor is for home purchasers to gain access to at least a couple of top buyer agent companies for their preferred search area, and to provide them with the tools to choose the best. Consumers find Skyfor via the internet (http://BuyerAgentSearch.com) and websites of company clients. This service is free to homebuyers. SkyFor continues to monitor the quality of service provided by their buyer agents. These companies, which are located in all major cities of the United States, have been rated and reviewed for over 18 years by both buyers and the staff of SkyFor.

For more information or to obtain a list of local buyers agents who provide free consultations, visit http://www,BuyerAgentSearch.com or email inquiries@skyforinc.com or call 303-670-0246.

Contact: Kathleen Chiras, Owner
Phone: 303-670-0246
Company: SkyFor Inc
Contact Name: Kathleen Chiras
Contact Email: support@skyforinc.com
Contact Phone: 303-670-0246

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