Indiana Inventor Creates Full Body Heated Massage Gloves After Taking Mom's Advice

From: Creations & Things
Published: Sun Nov 27 2005

Three years ago 32-year-old Inventor Llyas El-Amin was giving his mother a shoulder massage when she casually said to him "It really would be great if you had some heat on your hands". Bing! Light bulb goes off in his head, he said to himself sounds to simple someone has already done that, but to his surprise it had not been done.

Having a little artistic background helped El-Amin draft initial drawings in order to conceptualize a glove that would distribute heat from the inside out. After countless hours of research about different heat massage therapy products, El-Amin came up with Bean's massage gloves. The gloves are smooth soft, form-fitting gloves made with pockets on the inside of the palm, where you can insert air-activated heat packs providing a low temperature heated massage for the body and hands. "After two years of good thorough research of a heating source, fabric and stitching to create the formfitting design, I was able to get a few prototypes done". El-Amin said.

After registering his invention with the U.S patent and Trademark Office, El-Amin spent time creating small user groups of about 20 to 30 massage enthusiasts. The response was overwhelming and people who liked the idea of having heat massage therapy at home wanted to keep the prototypes. "At that point, I knew I had invented something that would help thousands of people enjoy a at home heated massage, with a revolutionary product". El-Amin said.

Massage therapy is exploding each new year. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of adult Americans got a massage within the last five years. Of that 28%, 23% got them for relaxation and stress reduction, 53% for health related-reasons, and 15% to pamper themselves. Twenty-five percent of Americans expect to get a massage within the next 12 months. El-Amin says he has something just for that a new disposable soft cotton lisle glove that can be thrown away after each use. " This is what massage therapist have been needing and wanting, but it is also for the at home users as well".

El-Amin has done his homework in the industry, currently there are no marketed massage products or patents that even resemble Bean's Heat Massage Gloves.

Creations & Things has several other products that will be coming soon. El-Amin plans on attending various tradeshows and plans on meeting with massage schools around the country.

Bean's Heat Massage Lycra half Gloves can be used for:

carpal tunnel and arthritis and massage

Bean's Heat Massage Lycra and Cotton whole glove can be used to:

Relax and re-energize

Relieve stress and tension

Relieve aches and pains

Improve circulation

Improve lymphatic drainage

It is a great holiday gift, a popular product for chiropractors offices for heat therapy after adjustments. The disposable glove it is a good seller in spas and beauty salons. Massage therapists and sport trainers have found it to be a useful product as well

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