Lawsuit Loan Helps Young Man Make Ends Meet

From: Beacon Legal Finance
Published: Mon Nov 28 2005

After being seriously injured in an accident that was not his fault, David discovered that lawsuit funding from Beacon Legal Finance could change his life.

Last summer, thirty-year-old David took a test drive at a recreational vehicle dealership that he won’t ever forget. In the company parking lot at his dealership, a salesman demonstrated a four-wheel drive all terrain vehicle with David as his passenger. The salesperson attempted a "donut maneuver" (spinning the wheels while doing a complete circle), and the force of this turn ejected David from the vehicle. The salesman then tipped the vehicle over on top of David, causing severe damage to his leg.

David initially spent 3 weeks in the hospital, was in and out of the hospital again over a three-month period and then underwent intense physical therapy. David’s leg is permanently scarred, and he has permanent nerve damage in that leg as a result of this accident. Due to his injuries from the accident, David has missed a full year of work, and he has not yet returned to his job.

To pay his medical bills, David has filed a lawsuit against the salesperson and the dealership for negligence and improper training of their employees. Although David expects to receive a cash settlement for his lawsuit, it takes time for a case to go through the court system. To make ends meet, David searched for a financial solution. David discovered that he could receive cash today if he agreed to give up a portion of the future cash settlement of his lawsuit. The pricing of the lawsuit funding was expensive, but it seemed fair when David learned that he did not have to pay back the lawsuit funding if his case lost or did not settle for enough cash to pay back the lawsuit funding.

David checked out the different lawsuit funding companies that are on the internet. One of the companies that David found seemed to be different. Their people treated him with professionalism and respect despite his financial troubles. The rates were competitive and the response time was fast. That company was Beacon Legal Finance, a leader in providing lawsuit funding to plaintiffs with high quality lawsuits. Beacon Legal Finance provided David with financial help from lawsuit funding when he needed it most.

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