"We the people" present cindy sheehan

From: Stardust Radio Network
Published: Mon Nov 28 2005

Cindy Sheehan is well known for her personal desire to end the war in Iraq. A charter member of Goldstar Families for Peace wrote "Not One More Mother’s Son." Her personal mission to bring closure to her family’s loss has focused the attention of the Nation on the Cause for the invasion of Iraq.

Jesse Dyen composed what has become the them song for the Anti war movement centered in the Crawford peace house, and his song will be part of the program.

Kay Lucas is on the board of directors of the Peace House in Crawford, Texas. She will be available for questions about other movements to end the invasion of Iraq.

This is the first program of a new series of radio interviews scheduled in the coming months on Stardustradio.com. The network is the merger of talent and technology. Bringing the power of the internet, the strength of ideas, and the interaction of a lively and engaged audience together in a cutting edge system. A small download is required to participate through the internet connection, with voice and text available in the virtual auditorium. "We The People Pressent" joins other interactive programs on the Stardust Network with this first exciting program. Future guests will include luminaries from entertainment, politics, science and technology.

Phones will be open, toll free, at 1 877 213-4329 and a local call in for residents of Riverside, Iowa at 319 648-5143. This program promises to be an exciting, informative and interesting hour of conversation.
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