Hanoi Darts Team Dominated by Ho Chi Minh City Side in the Johnnie Walker Saigon vs. Hanoi Challenge

From: AIN News Desk
Published: Mon Nov 28 2005

Ho Chi Minh City â€" Once again, Saigon was simply too strong for the Hanoi darts side in a 212-62 landslide victory in favor the home team at the jointly held Johnnie Walker Darts Grand Prix and Saigon vs. Hanoi Challenge. In the joint event put on by the Saigon darters at Saigon Town and Country Club the home team once again frustrated Hanoi and retained the Saigon Trophy. Saigon has never lost since the trophy’s inception in November of 2000. Saigon also won the Hanoi Cup in 2001 and have not lost their claim to it since. Saigon players also did exceptionally well individually and in doubles competition, sweeping every trophy available, except the MVP of the Hanoi side.

“Despite the lopsided score the two events were very historic in Vietnamese darts due to the fact that Hanoi’s team was made up of both a majority of women and a majority of Vietnamese� said Gary Dale Cearley, Saigon team captain and event organizer, “As well, Than Duc “Guppy� Liem, a local guy, won the first Johnnie Walker Grand Prix on aggregate points throughout the year. We are proud that a Vietnamese guy won it, not only because he deserved it, but also because of the effect his victory will have on promoting the sport in Vietnam.� Johnnie Walker recently rewarded Saigon’s successes this year with an agreement to continue their sponsorship for next season. “The Johnnie Walker Grand Prix events are quickly becoming a mainstay of our darts in Saigon,� added Cearley, “It keeps us competing at ever higher levels.�

Many participants noted that the Saigon Town and Country Club was a very good venue for this event. “The room as perfect a size as we could have hoped for, the food was good and the staff were extremely helpful,� said Tran Thai Dung, who co-organized the event, “I don’t think I am alone in saying that we hope to continue hosting Johnnie Walker Grand Prix events in this venue.�

The Saigon side has a date next spring to travel to northern Vietnam and take on Hanoi in their home. They will be carrying the Hanoi Cup with them in case Hanoi wins the spring event. “We are really looking forward to having a chance to host these guys,� says Carl Alerta, a Hanoi team member who helped organize the trip for their team, “We hope to give them back a good bit of what they gave us.� Hanoi will definitely have a new look as they will have more available players and their team captain, Vladimir Pustokhin, will be moving to New Zealand in the near future. “What this loss shows us is that we have a lot of work to do,� said Steven Harnish, Hanoi’s league chairman, “If we want to compete we will need to organize a bit better and get more people in Hanoi more involved in darts.�

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Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Results for the Year 2005
Awards Winner
1st Place Than Duc “Guppy� Liem
2nd Place Tom Cummins
3rd Place Blaine Karst

Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Results for the Final Event (November 26th)
Awards Winner
1st Place Urlich Kettler
2nd Place Than Duc “Guppy� Liem
3rd Place Gary Dale Cearley

Saigon vs. Hanoi Challenge Final Results
Team Total Points
*Saigon 212
Hanoi 62

Saigon vs. Hanoi Challenge Final Results
Award Winner
Most Valuable Player (Saigon) Urlich Kettler
Most Valuable Player (Hanoi) Phillip Brennan
1st Place Doubles Craig Ewers / Julien Gonzalves (SGN)
2nd Place Doubles Rick Norton / Tom Cummins (SGN)
3rd Place Doubles Gary Dale Cearley / Than Duc “Guppy Liem (SGN)
Most Tons Craig Ewers (SGN)
Most High Finishes Gary Dale Cearley (SGN)
180’s Champ Gary Dale Cearley (SGN)

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