Rescue Angel Holidays of Hope

From: The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.
Published: Mon Nov 28 2005

The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League’s orphaned Danes know the true meaning of hope. Often times hope is all they have to help sustain them mentally, and keep them alive until they come into our rescue program. They hope for shelter from the elements, a soft bed, a full tummy, and freedom from pain and sickness. Beyond the basics needed for survival they desperately hope for just a few kind words, and the loving touch of a human hand.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the shining hope in their dog’s eyes that it might be time for a walk, a car ride, or maybe, just maybe, that piece of bacon will end up on the floor, will agree that dogs do hope for these kinds of small miracles every day. Sadly, hope on a much deeper level is the last survival tool for abused and abandoned pets.

The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League’s (MAGDRL) Rescue Angel Holidays of Hope is a project that is designed to allow anyone who has a big heart for our big dogs to give them a little extra hope this holiday season. The project is a beautiful virtual Holiday setting located on the main MAGDRL website, which will be decorated with the help of good hearted Great Dane lovers and Dane rescue supporters.

MAGDRL artist, Jen Tapia, has expanded the graphics for the 2005 project to include a selection of Hanukkah items such as Menorahs, dreidels, and gift packages, which will decorate a beautifully appointed dining room table.

The Christmas tree section of the project will be decorated with an array of delightful canine ornaments; Dane Angels, paw print balls, "droolcicles", dog bones and Great Danes in stockings. You can also donate gift boxes to be placed under the tree, or a beautiful Rescue Angel to adorn the top.

It’s fun, it’s easy…. just a click of the mouse will select the type of decoration you have chosen to donate, then Paypal ® takes care of the rest of the work! As soon as your selection of decorations, ornaments, or gift boxes is added to the project by our web mistress, your name will also be added to a very special Holiday Greeting scroll on the website. So, grab yourself a couple of cookies, a cup of hot chocolate or holiday punch, and take a few minutes to visit our website. Help us begin decorating for the MAGDRL Rescue Angel Holidays of Hope today.

While you’re on the MAGDRL website take a few minutes to visit some of our Danes who are available for adoption. On average MAGDRL has 70-75 Great Danes who are living in foster homes and kennels. You will be able to see the courage in their faces as well as the deep hope that lives in their hearts………hope that they will soon be adopted into a loving forever home.

Your generous donations to the MAGDRL Rescue Angel Holidays of Hope project will ensure that all of our MAGDRL Danes have a happier and healthier holiday season.

MAGDRL is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) group of state chapter leaders and volunteers who have, for more than twenty five years, rescued abused, abandoned, lost and unwanted Great Danes. We operate in a 9 state region extending from New York, to South Carolina. MAGDRL spays and neuters, as well as providing the medical treatment necessary to return the Dane to good health. We also provide training and socialization to ensure their adaptability to new homes. Our goal is to place rescued Danes with people who will provide secure, loving and healthy homes.

Company: The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.
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