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Published: Thu Mar 24 2005

Author Frederick Tootle takes us on a thrilling adventure packed with demons, dwarfs and sorcerers.

An evil magician, Bannac Dal, has searched for years to discover a lost spell. When found it will give him control over the different races; human, dwarf and elf, living on the continent of Albamandia. Bannac Dal steals the book containing the spell from the Temple of Chung Lee where it has lain for centuries. Pursued by the Abbot of the temple and his companions, the magician flees to the west. Whilst crossing the open plains he comes across a small family of nomads, Hunnars, after overwhelming them with his magic, Bannac Dal sacrifices them to raise a demon from Hel. He in turn is destroyed by the demon, Asmogul, when the spell of containment is broken. The demon then takes on the persona of the dead sorcerer.

The demon reaches the fortress of Bethan Dor, where he slaughters all of the monks except the Abbott, who he condemns to the land of Jaasvalar, home to the Shardin (demons). The Shardin are slowly dying, as their only means of survival are to feed on the souls of their own kind.

Asmogul convinces the commander of the fortress, Gander Rhall to join him in overthrowing the Emperor and to take his place. Meanwhile the Abbot crosses the demon lands arriving at the only place within Jaasvalar whereby climbing the ladder of Chemin he can escape. Here he finds a large demon attempting to kill a smaller one. When he kills the larger demon, the grateful demon, Peebol, tells the Abbot of the plight of the Shardin and agrees to accompany the Shantu monk to where something called the Guardian keeps the demons within their own land.

At the top of the ladder the Abbot and Peebol are met by dwarfs and highlanders from the Vale of Mara (whose homeland has already been destroyed by the Kendra recruited by Asmogul) here they meet Olegan, the last of the Ometchii, who has lived for over two thousand years in many reincarnations with the sole purpose of facing the threat that confronts the different races of Albamandia. Olegan with his alien magic changes the nature of Peebol so that Peebol can return to save his own people while the humans, dwarfs and elves face the demon and his forces to reclaim their kingdom.
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