SLS International Generates Industry Buzz at Showest Cinema Convention

From: SLS International
Published: Thu Mar 24 2005

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 24, 2005- SLS International (OTCBB: SITI) announced today that its newly introduced Cinema Series generated substantial interest from leading international distributors at the recently completed Showest Cinema Convention in Las Vegas. As a result of the Convention, the Company has entered into negotiations with several high-profile international distributors, with requests for early delivery of many new screen systems.

The Company installed a demonstration system in the Century Theatres OrleanHotel complex. Customers from large and small theater chains attended special showings over the three-day Conference. Theater owners were enthusiastic about the clear sound reproduction of the SLS Cinema systems and the recognition of SLS's Ribbon Driver Technology created a "buzz" during the Convention.

Big Sky Industries, SLS's distributor, in response to the demand from theater owners is presently specifying and quoting systems for many of the prominent chains as well as independent theater owners for immediate and future deliveries through 2006.

"The cinema industry is an ideal place for our superior technology to be recognized," said John Gott, SLS International's President. "The absolute and authentic reproduction of the sound track is critical to the entertainment experiences. Using our speakers, voices are natural and do not come across with the harshness that is associated with standard compression driver sound systems. When the extreme levels of action movie soundtracks are put through our systems, the audience actually hears the real sound of the effect and not the distortion that hurts the ears. We expect that the exposure that we will receive from our installations in the leading cinema chains around the world will drive consumers to the retail outlets to purchase our new Home Theater products that will be on the shelves soon."

Due to the success of the Convention and interest from international distributors, the Company will be displaying its Cinema Series in Amsterdam in June in anticipation of selling the products to the European and Eastern countries.

About SLS:
Based in Springfield, Mo., SLS International, Inc., is a 30-year-old manufacturer and developer of new patent-pending ultra-high fidelity Ribbon Driver loudspeakers, Patented Evenstar Digital Amplifiers and sound systems for the commercial, home entertainment, professional and music markets. SLS has perfected the ribbon-driver technology enabling their loudspeakers to achieve exceptional inner detail and accuracy with 20 to 30 percent less the distortion of typical compression driver and dome tweeters. SLS speakers and systems are used in high profile venues such as NBC/MSNBC's 2002 and 2004 Olympics studios -- NBC is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric; MSNBC is jointly owned by GE and Microsoft Corporation -- the Recording Academy's Grammy Producers SoundTable events, and for the NAMM winter show, providing sound in the AVID Technology booth. For more information, visit
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