Forget Them, Forget Them Not

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Published: Tue Nov 29 2005

People get so caught up by the rat race of existence that often they forget things they don’t want to.

Even when people are neck deep in work, and holiday is a word not to be found in their dictionaries, they cannot be excused from wishing their dear ones on special days. But what if they just forget the special day? That’s when they realize that they need help. A lot of people have found an answer in the form of "Forget-them-not". This is a reminder service that has been launched by on 1 November, 2005. Within a month they have had almost 300 satisfied users. What are the reasons? Read on.

This user-friendly service available at is simple and basic. All that a person has to do is register for this free service. Then he has to add the names and email addresses of people whose birthdays and anniversaries he wants to remember, along with the relevant dates. This is not all. There’s some more.

The entire year is speckled over with holidays and special events. Be it Holi, Eid, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, no one wants to miss any of them, but sometimes people just can’t trust their memories. However, the users of "Forget-them-not" do not have to worry about it. They can select a list of holidays they would like to be reminded of. All the reminders, along with the choicest Ecards (which they can send to their loved ones) will be sent directly to their mailboxes, by the "Forget-them-not" team.

Fiona Ross, a month-old user of the service expresses, "When the brain box is creaking with load, remembering special events becomes almost impossible. I have faced the consequences of forgetting those special days. "Forget-them-not" has helped me in preserving some cherished relationships."

The Senior Manager of, Mr. Manish Saraf exclaims, "I was amazed at the benefits I personally received from this reminder service! I am glad that now all my praises for it will be unbiased."

Simple reasons bring great joy, easy solutions answer difficult problems and "Forget-them-not" aids ones failing memory.

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