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Published: Tue Nov 29 2005

We all know how hard it is to balance work and our life beyond; one way could be to use a virtual online family such as the one at to help support your real life. This new website is aiming to bring women (and their partners if they want to share) together to find ways to solve problems, enhance lives what ever the need be. For example, if you want childcare advice ask for a search and in addition ask our members for their views. If you want to change career get expert advice. What ever your need, it will be addressed. Want to talk to an expert contact one from our database. In the long term we plan to hold real time events/activities with friends made online.
When we feel we are not coping we experience stress as highlighted by the following survey by the
[Intl Stress Management Assoc/Royal & SunAlliance Nov 00]
Situations/activities people found stressful:
- Rush Hour Travel - 45%
- Work - 34%
- Managing work/home balance - 31%
- Children's future - 31%
- Financial planning - 29%
- Paying household bills - 26%
- Shopping - 26%
- New technology - 20%
- Domestic relationships - 19%
- Housework - 16%
- Holiday trips - 14%
[Intl Stress Management Assoc/Royal & SunAlliance Nov 00]
Share an experience aims to offer help in all the above areas; yes even rush hour traffic we will find you stress management techniques for this. Even using the Internet has been found to be a source of stress.
v 71% of Internet users get so frustrated searching that they suffer net rage
v 36% of users spend over 2 hrs a week searching the Internet for accurate information
v 12 mins on average before a researcher gets frustrated
v 46% said uncovering the wrong information during an online search is frustrating
v 86% feels that searching could be more efficient
[Webtop Internet Research]
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