Poetic Genius

From: Jeffrey Michael Miller
Published: Wed Nov 30 2005

Young and rising talent Jeffrey Michael Miller who has a book of Poetry entitled From The Inside Out is becoming very sought after in the literary world. His new book From The Inside Out is being requested by many newspapers and magazines for review. Pittsburgh Magazine which is a well respected regional publication has made such a request for the book and reviewers from Florida and Britain have also shown an interest in reading Miller's work.

Miller is slowly but surely becoming a force in the poetry world and helping the movement that seems to be bringing poetry back into the mainstream of todays society. Poetry forums all over the interent are recognizing Miller and posting links to his website and his work in order to spread the word about this poetic talent and his new book.

From The Inside Out has enjoyed very good ratings on Amazon and on other major online bookseller websites accross the board. Millers website has enjoyed increasing traffic and many guests from around the globe have took the time to offer words of praise by signing and commenting on both his guestbook and guestmap.

Miller's lyrical style flows incredibly well and is presented beautifully from cover to cover in his first collection of poetry. This unique and artistic work is a pleasure to read and captivates the hearts and minds of it's readers. the fifty eight page book will hold your attention throughout discussing important topics such as education and abortion as well as religion and politics.

From The Inside Out is available for purchase by visiting any major online bookseller and simply typing the ISBN# 1413791158 into the search box that will result in the displaying of the information of the book and the options in which one can purchase it. Offline the book can be ordered by using the same ISBN# at your local bookstore at no additional cost to the buyer.

So many have already enjoyed the vision and poetic genius of Jeffrey Michael Miller and you can too. This Christmas get a gift for someone special that they will sincerely treasure by giving them a copy of From The Inside Out or get one for yourself. People who have purchased From The Inside Out from Barnes and Noble have purchased other timeless classics along with it putting Miller's book in a category with the worlds greats.

Jeffrey Michael Miller wishes you all a wonderful holiday season and thanks you for your unending support that makes his writing worthwhile and possible. Get yourself a copy of From The Inside Out or purchase copies for friends and have a classic gift that lasts a lifetime and that is sure to increase in value as time goes by.

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