November brings 15,000 to Soteria.

From: Soteria Magazine
Published: Wed Nov 30 2005

Soteria Magazine website is celebrating receiving it’s highest visitor number yet with over 15,000 unique users hitting the site in November. While it may not be big news for other websites this marks a major milestone in the growth of Soteria.

Starting 10 years ago as a small youth group produced magazine at Fore Street Gospel Hall in Camborne, Cornwall it was a literal cut and paste magazine. However enthusiasm for the project fizzled as the young people found that it was hard work to stick to deadlines.
The magazine was restarted around 5 years ago, originally intended for the small audience of the churches youth, however the vision was soon expanded to other churches in the local area. In 2002 a website was put up for the first time and traffic began to trickle to the site.

As a Christian Youth Lifestyle magazine with an uncompromising message, Soteria never expected to be particularly popular. However it seems that it’s view of the world may be more popular than originally imagined, especially when it applies to the latest film, music and videogame releases which are reviewed, not just for whether they are any good, but also for what sex, violence, language are contained to warn people before they watch.

"15,000 unique users means a lot to us, it may not sound like much to sites like Amazon, but as a non-profit organisation trying to inform people about what being a Christian is really like and to encourage those that are already Christians." said Rob Allwright the editor of Soteria Magazine.

"In January this year we had under 5000 unique users, but thanks to new features and regular updates we have celebrated a few times this year with milestone figures, but 15,000 was something we weren't expecting this year!!"
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