Zeus speeds delivery at QuantumMail.com

From: Zeus Technology
Published: Wed Nov 30 2005

To stay ahead of customer demand, QuantumMail.com, one of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies in the US, has selected a market-leading solution from Zeus Technology to dramatically speed response times and improve users’ order placing experience through the website.

As an online provider of direct mail services, full colour digital printing, direct marketing and advertising services, high volumes of traffic were putting a strain on QuantumMail's existing systems.

"We were plagued with overtaxed, crashing servers and our customers were becoming annoyed with slow and sometimes completely unresponsive web pages," said Kent Wright, Systems Administrator at QuantumMail.com. With a competitor’s site only a click away, QuantumMail.com needed a robust, scalable and resilient load balancing solution that could efficiently cope with demand and enable flexibility for future growth.

QuantumMail.com chose Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) to intelligently manage traffic and deliver quicker response times to requests, significantly reducing downtime - ensuring that sales are not lost due to unresponsive web pages. Since deploying ZXTM, the average page load time is seven times faster, and with a more seamless experience for the customer, complaints about long page-loading times are non-existent.

ZXTM is enabling QuantumMail.com’s team to easily install, configure, maintain and scale new machines to the existing load balancing configuration with no disruptions to service. This reduces what can be a timely and expensive process to a relatively simple task, streamlining operations and delivering significant cost savings.

"Zeus is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition in all areas of the game," said Ken Wright. "Installation, setup, maintenance, scalability and support far exceeded our expectations. Our company was built on quality, fairness and service. It’s nice to see another company that holds the same values."

"One of the many benefits of ZXTM is that it enables business web infrastructures to cope with any increases in customer demand," said Steve Palmer, vice-president of marketing at Zeus. "The World Wide Web is a competitive place and it is imperative that businesses do not become victims of their own success, by ensuring that systems are in place to expand with the business. ZXTM can be easily scaled for any size of site, enabling web-based businesses to intelligently plan for future growth."

About Zeus Technology:
Zeus Technology is leading the development of innovative application traffic management software. Since 1996, its award-winning solutions have enabled organisations to harness the power of the internet, dramatically improving operations to provide a seamless experience for end-users. Millions of internet services across the globe rely on Zeus infrastructure products for reliability, scalability and security. Reshaping the market with its intelligent approach to Application Infrastructure Management ZeusAIM manages the three essential requirements of traffic management, optimisation and security as a whole. Its flagship product - Zeus Extensible Traffic management (ZXTM) - integrates these functions in a single, scaleable solution. Zeus partners include HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. Its customers include eBay, BT, Cable and Wireless, Yahoo, NTT Docomo, AT & T, Qualcomm, NEC Biglobe, Virgin Holidays, Wells Fargo and Play.com. For more information, go to www.zeus.com .

About QuantumMail.com:
QuantumMail.com, a division of QuantumDirect, Inc., was founded in 1986 and is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company offers cross-media marketing services and fulfilment. With a 20-year history of creating custom programs to meet the unique needs of unique companies, QuantumMail.com uses variable-data technology and digital printing to apply personalization tactics across a variety of media-channels including direct mail, websites and email.
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