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Published: Wed Nov 30 2005

Walled Lake, Michigan November 30, 2005 - YEARBOOK MAGIC: a 3 in 1 spectacular breakthrough web-based system that allows you to easily organize your memories and create a lifelong memento – a priceless yearbook that your son, daughter, family, friends, teammates or everyone can enjoy!

Remember when you were a kid? Playing on Little League or your first big concert. Remember those great High School years? So full of fun and exciting times. And remember your school yearbooks? How they captured not just the images, but the name, the words, the feelings! I bet you still have yours stored somewhere in your home. NO ONE EVER THROWS THEM AWAY!

YEARBOOK MAGIC: The simple, fun, easy and fast way to capture the memories of a lifetime, for a lifetime. There is something so special–so unique about the way yearbooks preserve the important shared times in our lives.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, YEARBOOK MAGIC’s patent pending technology makes it fun and easy to SHARE, ORGANIZE and CREATE a timeless yearbook for those special times, events and experiences – all done on the Internet! There is no software to purchase, install and hope you can learn. And imagine no more shoeboxes full of scattered and disorganized pictures; no more time-consuming, single copy scrapbooks, and no more faded and lost memories!

There are little league teams, scouting troops, cheerleading squads, church events, reunions, parties, seasons, classes… you name it! ALL are worthy of more than just a few photos or scattered mementos. These experiences are worthy of nothing less than a high quality, story-telling yearbook!

That’s why books produced with YEARBOOK MAGIC make such wonderful gifts.

It’s hard to put a value on those memories… That’s why yearbooks will always mean so much to you and everyone who shared those same experiences. Unlike yearbooks of the past that only devote a page or two to your story… YEARBOOK MAGIC tells your entire story!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well the story told in your yearbook is worth a lifetime of words!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the special moments and events that are going on right now in yours and your family’s lives and preserve them into the memories of tomorrow? And not with just a featured page or two in a yearbook created by someone else… but an entire yearbook created by you that included everything you want…

Sound impossible. Well, what used to be impossible is now as easy as signing on to the Internet. With just a few clicks you can have the fun of preserving your own memories with your own pictures with YEARBOOK MAGIC. YEARBOOK MAGIC: a 3 in 1 spectacular breakthrough product that allows you to organize your memories and create a lifelong memento….. AT THE SAME TIME!!!

"Why settle for just a few photos when you can create an entire book filled with memories of your children’s activities and family events?" said Jeffrey Gatt, President of TeamMemories.

To learn more about Yearbook Magic watch for our Infomercial on your local cable network, December 3rd – 6th and take advantage of the special TV only promotion offered to viewers! Or visit to create your own team/group or family activity Yearbook full of Magic memories.
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