Ynot Eduk8 Announces Second Piece in Its 'Art of Applied Imagination' Education Series

From: YNOT Eduk8, Inc.
Published: Thu Dec 01 2005

Ynot Eduk8 Announces Second Piece in Its 'Art of Applied Imagination' Education Series
Tuesday November 29, 10:08 am ET

Ynot Eduk8, Inc. wholly owned subsidiary of Benacquista Galleries, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BAQG - News) announced today the second installment in a series of educational products to enhance multiple intelligences through the study of unique works of art. The Art of Applied Imagination series will provide customers with a monthly opportunity to purchase art-related educational products over the Internet.

"At the core of Benacquista's growth and diversification strategy are sales of art-related educational products on the internet that complement Benacquista's core offerings of fine art. The Art of Applied Imagination Education Series makes Benacquista unique amongst on line art-purveyors, showing we have something more to offer our customer than the typical on-line gallery. 'The Look Doctrine' is the second of many modular educational products we will be offering to our customers on a monthly basis. Purchases of the modules from the series can be made on our education website www.ynoteduk8.com. The Art of Applied Imagination series will be an installment based, modular curriculum that includes beautifully crafted materials that include vivid and thought provoking art. Don Tolman has distilled the most effective practices that he has learned in 35 years as an educator and built them into easy-to-use, self-contained modules that provide huge, measurable and important gains in creativity, cognitive function, self-awareness and mental capacity. We have great expectations that the Art of Applied Imagination Series will prove tremendously popular with consumers and hugely rewarding as an investment in personal development," concluded Benacquista President, Jim Price.

"In this series, you will discover an exhilarating, original way of seeing and enjoying your world as you develop powerful and naturally inherent strategies for creative thinking and new approaches to self-expression. You'll master proven, time tested, integral fundamentals for sharpening your senses, liberating your unique intelligence and harmonizing body, mind, emotions and social grace. Experience amplified creative invention coupled with insights of advanced contribution to every idea you are exposed to. You'll be thrilled, as you feel moved by the 'The Look Doctrine.' Ponder and contemplate again and again upon the principles presented here. Learn of the Signs of Nature: 'How a thing like unto itself is drawn.' Have you ever noticed how a sliced carrot looks like the pupil and the iris of the eye? How a walnut looks like the brain? How a tomato looks like the heart ... or that an avocado looks like womb and cervix and takes 9 months to grow from blossom to ripened fruit? It's no accident that we call them kidney beans! Discover the connection between the 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 notes of the octave, 7 smells, 7 nutritional fibers, 7 habitats, 7 holes of the head, 7 neuro-endocrine centers of the body and the 7 whole food groups. This is an Art investment that will pay 'dividends' for a Lifetime of Health, Pleasure and Wisdom," concluded Don Tolman, President of the Ynot Eduk8 division of Benacquista.

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Benacquista Galleries, Inc. (www.benacquistagalleries.com) specializes in making accessible valuable artistic creations that inspire and improve lives. Benacquista offers moving and inspiring works of art for sale on its website. Benacquista also plans to expand it's offering of inspiring creative works through the possible development of brick and mortar art galleries or through broadening the range of beautiful, inspiring and profound products that it sells. Ultimately, Benacquista is a company whose mission is to improve the opportunity for the expression of greatness within the human soul by showcasing profoundly moving works of art or other works of great value.

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