HubShout “White Labels” Its SEO Web Grader Tool

From: HubShout
Published: Tue Feb 14 2012

In September 2011, HubShout released a website grader tool for its clients as part of the HubShout white label SEO reseller program. As a service to the SEO community, HubShout made the web grader available on its website and users can access the tool without providing any personal information. The steps to use the web grader to evaluate a website are:

  • Go to

  • Select the "Resources" tab

  • Click on "web grader"

  • Enter their website’s URL and submit

After following these steps, users will get valuable data about their websites and can use that data to improve search rankings. Users can also enter the URLs of their competitors and compare results.

HubShout spent months evaluating free web graders and found that most of the data relates to onsite SEO, when 70% of rankings are driven by offsite SEO. HubShout’s web grader provides comprehensive offsite SEO data that is difficult to acquire from a single source without spending as much as $1,000 per month by the time IT costs are factored in. There is no charge to use the Hubshout web grader.

HubShout released the web grader to its white label SEO resellers with the caveat that it was a "work in progress." Resellers were invited to multiple webinars where they were trained to use the web grader and the data and given tips on using that data to sell white label SEO services. HubShout conferred with its clients and other users of the web grader and took that feedback into consideration when making enhancements to the tool.

Over the past months, HubShout has refined the web grader and resellers are pleased with the results.

HubShout white label SEO resellers are actively using the data from the web grader to demonstrate to prospects that they need professional SEO services. Resellers requested that HubShout provide a white label web grader for their portals, and in January that request was fulfilled.

In a January 26 webinar, HubShout demonstrated the new white label web grader that has been added to each reseller’s white label SEO dashboard. The webinar called "White Label Web Grader" was well received with a higher than average attendance and a very active online dialog between HubShout staff and attendees. During the webinar, a top HubShout white label SEO reseller remarked, "This is really awesome, it allows us to show our clients the "problem" and offer a solution. This will be a huge value! Keep up the good work."

HubShout encourages its white label SEO resellers to learn how to use the more complex offsite SEO data provided by the white label web grader to set themselves ahead of their competitors. During the webinar, Dr. Adam Stetzer, President and Co-founder of HubShout commented, "Understanding this complex data is important to establishing credibility and assuring your prospects that you’re the guy they should hire for the job."

HubShout is a white label SEO reseller based in the US. Offices are located in the DC metro area (Falls Church, VA) and Rochester, NY. HubShout’s full-service online marketing program includes pay-per-click advertising, social media management, local map optimization, white label email marketing, SEO reporting services, reputation management and a customer review service. Most of HubShout’s white label SEO resellers offer all of the services to their clients. HubShout’s online marketing services are also available to direct clients.

For more information about HubShout’s white label web grader, HubShout’s white label SEO reseller program or any HubShout service, please contact HubShout directly.

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