Passion for Pools Goes Far Beyond Swimming

From: Northeast Spa & Pool Association
Published: Wed Feb 15 2012

The dream of owning a backyard pool or spa is still high on the list of home amenities for U.S. homeowners. But, when they envision an oasis of cool, refreshing blue-green water, swimming is not their goal. That’s because today’s desire for pools and spas goes far beyond working on strokes and flip turns.

According to Clive Ensher, president of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, the term ‘swimming pool’ is actually a misnomer these days. "Swimming is pretty far down the list when people talk about why they want a pool or spa," he notes. "Today, people associate pools with fun, family togetherness, luxury, parties, freedom, relaxation and other lifestyle benefits."

Unlimited Design Options
The attitude change coincides with the evolution of pool and spa design. No longer restricted to the oval, rectangular and kidney shapes of years past, today’s pools can fit virtually any space, budget or lifestyle -- from tiny, shovel-excavated "cocktail" pools behind urban row homes, to mini-pools and spas intended for soaking and socializing, to expansive pools on lavish estates.

As limits on size and shape have diminished, a view of pools as value-added home improvements is gaining steam. According to Steve Gorlin, owner of Gorlin Pools and Spas in Toms River, N.J., "Today’s homeowners are investing in their outdoor spaces as a way to increase home value and maximize the enjoyment of the home environment. The pool is a starting point for so many other amenities, including bars, outdoor kitchens, beautifully paved patios and decks, lush landscaping and more. Many homeowners extend the aesthetic by adding LED lighting, waterfalls and underwater sound systems to the pool design.

Health and Wellness Benefits
While not always the primary reason for a pool or spa purchase, the health and fitness benefits of water are not lost on consumers. Those who enjoy the endorphin-producing, body-toning, cardio benefits of lap swimming can achieve their goals in a full-size pool, lap pool or small pool with a swim stream. The simple practice of soaking in a hot tub or heated pool can have a positive effect on sleep patterns, arthritis relief, blood pressure, circulation and pain control. Research studies also indicate that hydrotherapy is helpful in managing diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

Advances in Maintenance and Safety
Keeping pace with the renewed enthusiasm for pools and spas are new advances in maintenance and safety. Pools are easier and less expensive to care for thanks to energy efficient equipment, and automated pool cleaners, covers and systems for managing water chemistry and temperature. Many new products are also on the market that help assure that a fun pool is a safe pool.

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