Former Law Student Builds his own City – on the Internet

Published: Thu Dec 01 2005

Rising house prices and student debt are bad news for first time buyers, but that hasn't stopped Stuart Laing. The former law student, 27, has found a novel way of getting onto the property ladder. He's built his own city - online. allows advertisers to promote their own website by renting virtual plots of land. The website is organized into 15 shopping districts covering popular topics from travel to technology. And for as little as $4 a month, website owners can promote their business by placing their own "building" on the city map. Advertisers will also be able to include details of their latest special offer and a link to their website.

As the city develops, online shoppers will be able to browse the virtual streets for all the latest internet bargains. Clicking each building reveals the advertiser's special offer. Shoppers can than click through to the sites that interest them.

Due to the global boom in online shopping, Stuart believes that his new twist on website advertising will attract significant interest: "One of the main reasons why people shop online is to save time, but it can be a slow process finding the things that you want at the right price. The first online city gives internet shoppers the chance to save time and money finding the bargains that they want."

Asked why he thinks the public will be interested in his site, Stuart says: "With most pixel advertising sites, visitors click on the adverts because they want to know what the site offers. City visitors will know what each advert has to offer and will click-through out of choice rather than curiosity. That means everybody benefits. Shoppers get quicker access to the offers they want, while advertisers get more visitors who are interested in buying."

Stuart plans to use half of the monthly rental income to promote the site, stating "My aim is to create a vibrant, living city that will continue to benefit both visitors and advertisers for years to come."

Here are some internet shopping facts:
This year, in the UK alone, people have spent £20bn online
Internet sales are predicted to double by 2010
Online sales are rising 130 times faster than offline shopping
Internet retailers in the UK will deliver 70 million packages over the Christmas season

And anyone searching for an unusual Christmas present should look no further. For just $99 (around £60), visitors have the opportunity to name one of the online city streets.

For more information about the online city, visit or contact Stuart Laing at +44 (0)7810 591942

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Contact Phone: 44 (0)7810 591942

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