Hookah Dealer Gives Public Access to Bowls of Smoke

From: Bahrani Distribution Corp.
Published: Thu Dec 01 2005

SmokeandHookah.com launched short of one month ago. With the help of online marketing group, Adviatech.com (another holding of Jason Standard Corp.), the web site has made leaps and bounds. The company has an active user base and huge presence all over the web. Soon after SmokeandHookah.com opened, Bahrani Distribution was faced with a serious problem. Merchant services were not allowing online tobacco sales.

In recent months, the four major credit card companies were forced by 50 state attorney generals, to not allow online tobacco sales in an effort to cut down on cheap cigarettes being sold online from tax free Indian reservations. Since then, policies have changed to allow cigars and pipe tobacco to continue doing online business.

BowlofSmoke.com’s new merchant provider allows them to sell their large product line under "pipe tobacco" so customers can now use their Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. The use of ACH (using a check online) is also an available purchasing option. BowlofSmoke.com like sister site, SmokeandHookah.com, aspires to offer the largest available inventory of hookah tobacco. Currently over forty flavors from seven tobacco companies are available at BowlofSmoke.com and all tobacco has a $4 flat shipping rate.
Company: Bahrani Distribution Corp.
Contact Name: Aaron Butts
Contact Email: info@smokeandhookah.com
Contact Phone: 8136003017

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