Published: Thu Dec 01 2005

Women are being driven to drinking excessively or taking dangerous measures to escape their unhappy lives according to a recent survey. The report asked 350 women between the ages of 25 and 45 what the craziest thing they have done in the name of happiness and over half admitted extreme measures including walking away from a partner who was terminally ill. The survey also revealed women are far more likely to move country than tolerate poor relationships.

Commissioned by a company who works with women who want to create happier lives were shocked at how women often put themselves in danger. Mothers and single women alike took to risky pursuits for a quick thrill while a surprising 11 per cent had left their homes, families and even their country to start a new life.

"These results show that many women are still struggling to lead happy lives, but are no longer willing to suffer and will do whatever it takes," says Alexandra Watson happiness expert and author of The Happiness System for Women. "As courageous as it sounds, it’s not necessary. Women can create extremely rewarding lives without taking such drastic action. It’s crucial that women take charge of their lives but excessive behaviour can be damaging."

The report stated that 26 per cent of the women surveyed took extreme action because they didn’t know what else to do. This has lead to 64 per cent deeply regretting their actions with 88 per cent claiming that they would never try it again. Drinking, especially in younger women has proved to be a long-term favourite but now adrenalin rushes seem to the next best thing, followed by leaving the country to escape.

"Being happy is every woman’s right but not knowing where to start has lead to these extreme current trends. My advice would be to never put yourself in any kind of danger, instead take smaller more considered steps to create a better life."
The survey was commissioned by Women’s Life Improvement Club. For a synopsis of the survey results email aawatson@aol.com. Call +44 1344 625687.
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