Interview Rocket blasts off

From: Interview Rocket Ltd
Published: Wed Feb 22 2012

Interview Rocket Ltd. today launched its signature online recruitment tool at Built to the specifications of more than 50 recruiters and industry professionals in seven countries, Interview Rocket has the most comprehensive feature-set of any online video interview service.

Interview Rocket replaces first-round telephone interviews with a secure, highly-customized, online interview that is recorded by webcam and distributed to preselected reviewers. More informative and more convenient than telephone screening, Interview Rocket creates a consistent interview experience while eliminating the need to trade voicemail messages with candidates, schedule interviews, work around time zones or convene a costly interview panel.

"The strength of Interview Rocket lies in the level of customization and scalability we have built into the tool," says Craig Brown, founder of Interview Rocket. "While it is absolutely efficient and cost-effective for a small or medium-sized company to use, Interview Rocket really shines when an organization needs to hire dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees."

Interview Rocket’s research has shown that for every position, on average, five to eight candidates are screened. Even a very conservative estimate would then indicate to hire just 20 employees would mean upwards of 100 to 160 screening interviews by phone or in-person.

"When you add up the actual time it takes to make the arrangements and complete the screening of just one candidate, an employer or agency can go through weeks and weeks of work that really only gets them a shortlist," says Brown. "That’s a lot, and that’s where Interview Rocket comes in. We can streamline that process by about 75 per cent."

Just emerging from a highly-successful beta-test phase, Interview Rocket is being used by organizations around the world and has already secured several clients including SimplyCast, a leading provider of interactive marketing software and services for organizations worldwide and Lee Wakemans, an architectural consultancy in Wales.

"Interview Rocket has created an amazing solution to help us hire faster and give access to more applicants to introduce themselves to our company using recorded video technology," says Saeed El-Darahali, president and CEO of SimplyCast. "We recently used the Interview Rocket system to screen approximately 40 candidates for two positions. The system allowed us to evaluate many more candidates than would have been possible previously. Each candidate had the chance to showcase their skills and abilities, which we believe allowed us to settle on the most appropriate candidates in a time-efficient manner."

According to Paul Wong, director at Lee Wakemans, Interview Rocket "is a fresh and efficient way of approaching recruitment. It's a quick way of seeing how candidates respond to my questions without taking up lots of time in my busy day. I can review at a time that suits me. Well worth trying out."

About Interview Rocket

Created in response to feedback from more than 50 industry professionals around the world, Interview Rocket helps prospective employers find the best candidates in shortest time.

Using the most comprehensive feature-set of any online video interview service, Interview Rocket allows an organization to create a company profile, job description, interview questions and list of candidates. An e-mail request to complete an Interview Rocket video interview is then sent to suitable candidates. At the candidate’s convenience he or she logs onto, checks the settings, and does a quick set of random practice questions. Next they complete the interview, which is branded to the recruiter’s company logo and website theme. The candidate is not able to pause or repeat the interview, nor see questions in advance, making the experience as realistic as possible. Once the interview is complete, it is uploaded to the recruiter’s dashboard for review when his or her schedule permits and, if applicable, other reviewers are notified. Interview results can then be evaluated, with notes and scoring added to the candidate profile.
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