Delphi Academy builds cultural awareness by celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of lights

From: Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay
Published: Thu Dec 01 2005

The Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay celebrated Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, on December 1st. The students, teachers and parents actively participated and enjoyed the festival while learning about the culture and story behind Diwali, the most popular Indian festival.

The festival was organized and coordinated by various parents. The performers wore traditional Indian clothes and so did many students, faculty, friends and family. Parents and students were thrilled to see their Delphi teachers participating and supporting the Indian culture.

All of the Delphi Academy students participated in various ways. Many of the older girls performed a traditional dance taught to them by several parents. They wore colorful Indian costumes and jewelery and danced to a Diwali song. Students of non-Indian origin were very excited to participate and learn the dance along with their Indian friends. A couple of children entertained the audience by singing a classical Indian song. All of the students made gifts for exchange, which is a custom during Diwali. The gifts included hand-decorated bags and tea candles. At the end of the celebration, the students exchanged these gifts with one another.

Another aspect of Diwali, the Rangoli, was also on display around the Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay campus. Rangoli is a traditional art of India dating to the days of the Indus Valley civilization, around 2500 BC. Rangoli is the art of drawing and coloring intricate and beautiful designs on the courtyards and walls of Indian houses, shops and temples. This art is unique as it is not formally taught. Instead the skill is passed down from generation to generation by grandmothers and mothers to the daughters. The students learned about the various kinds of Rangoli and enjoyed the display.

This celebration was a great success and can be credited to the strong parental involvement and multi-cultural support enjoyed by the Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay.

Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay is an independent coeducational and non-sectarian day school offering regular school year and summer programs for kindergarten through eighth grade students. It is licensed to use Applied Scholastics(TM) educational services (http://www.AppliedScholastics.Org).

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